Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chapter 2 Quiz, Friday March 7

If you're absent, like Shane, Heather, or Jennifer- you need to read chapter 7 on your own, and/or borrow notes from a classmate as soon as you get back.

Thursday, Feb. 28 groups will read, review, discuss and report on the following sections: Jan-Apr birthdays report on pages 38-39
May-Aug on pp. 40-41
Sep-Dec on 42-43

The vocabulary so far for chapter 2:
  • Focal Length (p.32)
  • Normal Focal Length Lens (p.32)
  • Depth of Field
  • Telephoto (p.34)
  • Zoom Lens (p.34)
  • Wide Angle (p.36-37)
  • Short Focal Length Lens (p.36-37)

You really owe it to yourself to watch the video on the photographer without legs!
or try

Saturday, February 23, 2008 - Photographer Without Legs Returns Stares

Mr. Mallory thought you would be interested in this story: NPR: Photographer Without Legs Returns Stares

This message was included:

Hey Digital Photography students- check out this story about an amazing photographer!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rule of Thirds

While you're out taking pictures this weekend, remember the compositional rule that you learned this week; the rule of thirds. Not only can you place your subject on a third, but you should try to take advantage of the intersections by placing your center of visual interest (CVI) on one of the four "hot spots." Here are a couple of examples I snagged off the web with Google Image Search-

Photo Assignments

Due Wednesday, February 20
Minimum 13 pictures, Max 25

Remember to do a walk-around to find the best background and lighting conditions

More portraits-
  • Framed; horizontal, vertical, and tilted
  • Cropped; 3/3 - 2/3 - and 1/3
  • Tight details (hand, shoes, collar, etc.)
Rule of thirds (either portrait or landscapes)-
  • Left third
  • Right third
  • Top third
  • Bottom third

Monday, February 11, 2008

Terms for Yearbook Quiz Friday Feb.22

Caption writing pp. 74-77
  • IDENT (ID/ Identification)
  • Summery Caption
  • Quote Caption
  • Extended Caption
  • Group ID
  • Collective Caption
  • 5W&H
  • Lead-in
  • Overline
  • Drop-Cap (Initial Letter)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Please have something done by Friday, February 16

028 MS G BB- Eric
029 MS B BB- Christine
030 MS Cheer- Jenn R & Olivia F
031 MS StuCo- Jamie & Cody
003 Elem Div- Bonnie
033 HS Div- Kristen
019 MS Div- Kristen
047 Clubs Div- Miranda
072 Fine Arts Div- Holli F
073 Visual Arts- House
078 Speech- Jones
079 Student Life Div- Kristen & Bonnie
090 Ads Div- ???
016 Elem StuCo- Seth
040 Sr Div- Seniors
041-046 Senior Section- Seniors