Thursday, February 26, 2015

Registering for classes next year?

If you like computers, taking pictures, or have a lot of school pride, I'd like you to think about joining Yearbook. We need responsible, creative, and especially purple-powered people to create the best books possible. Read over this PDF of 30 real-world skills that you'll develop by working on Yearbook. It's not just a class or a club, it helps prepare you for the job market and for college. THINK ABOUT IT.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

3 Sentence Habit


1-2 PER CIVICS- Students will have an Essay assignment on GoogleClassroom. Tell them that they should use this entire class period to answer these two questions. If they do well, these questions may end up NOT being on the test as well.

Students must answer each question with no less than three COMPLETE sentences.

1) Describe the role of the judicial branch in making laws.

2) How did English law influence the development of American law?

3rd PER PAINTING- Student may begin their NeoExpressionist Paintings, probably be researching on their chromebooks or drawing first, but they may begin painting too if they feel they're ready:
  • Cartoony like Scharf, Guston, or Combas
  • Mixed with stuff like Kiefer
  • Surreal Images like Clemente or Baselitz
  • Paint on top of junk like Schnabel
  • Primitive Pictograms like Haring
  • Wild Creatures like Scharf

4th- FREE (Planning Period)

6th- WEB PROGRAMMING- Students should work on what they were assigned yesterday, they have these links in Google Classroom, and

5th- 7thGr.ART DEAR TIME 11:50-12:12PM, I'll be there for class.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Chapt.5; Civic Virtue Essay


These sets of words pretty much all mean the same thing; they're synonyms.
Which pair is found in the Preamble to the Constitution? What do these phrases really mean? 
Why is it important to our communities? Why is it important for democracy to work?
How can we cultivate a concern for and dedication in citizens to this concept?

Here's an A+ answer (I'll protect the student's anonymity so that their peers won't tease them)
The words General Welfare are found in the Preamble to the Constitution. These words basically mean that it’s for the good of the entire community, or it it benefits everyone. In my opinion there is one word that has to do with everyone of these and that word is good. It is important to our community because it smoothes out the rough edges and brings us closer together because they benefit EVERYONE. Well it’s important for a democracy to work because the power comes from the people and there is just a representative of the people. So, if those people do not have equal rights and opportunities I wouldn't call it a democracy. We can cultivate a concern and dedication in citizens to this concept by sharing information and just plain knowing about it. One way is we can broadcast it over social media because that is where most people are now a days anyway, and sharing it in a somewhat fun way may interest people more . From that interest a concern may come about that and if that concern is shared by the time you realize more and more people with have more of a feeling towards this.