Monday, August 26, 2013

8thGradeArt; Elements & Principles of Design

  • Read pages 1-11 in our textbook.
  • Mon 8/26- in class, look for examples of ways you can demonstrate each of the elements of design in magazines and glue & label them in your "SmashBooks."
  • Due Tues 8/27- Check Your Understanding Questions 1-5 on page 5
  • Tues & Wed Read/Discuss/Notes on the Principles of Design (PP.8-11)
  • Due Thurs 8/29- Check for Understanding Questions 1-5 p.11

Sunday, August 25, 2013

YRBK; Ad Design Concept

Module 23; Advertising
Think you could come up with your own logo/trademark/brand?
Try using Photoshop or Correl Draw to design an image for a fictional company.
Then, turn it into a faux yearbook ad! Tentative deadline; Fri Sept 6, 2013

Aesthetic Scan

Click here to open as Google-Doc

Art Notes

Click here to open Art Notes Form as a Google-Doc

General Artwork Self-Critique

Especially valuable for extra-credit & Independent-Study students!
Click on the picture above to open it as a Google Doc.

Friday, August 23, 2013

PAINT: Due Dates

• Sketchbooks; hand sketch Mon 8/26
• Quiz; Hyperrealism notes Wed 8/29
• Painting; Macro Hyperrealistic Watercolor Thurs 8/30

PAINT: First Painting, Hyperrealism

Create a Macro Hyperrealistic Watercolor painting of a small object like some keys, a ring, or a pair of glasses. 

Follow these steps:
1) choose object
2) practice drawing at least 3X in your sketchbook
3) choose the best composition
4) lightly draw the outlines on a piece of watercolor paper
5) carefully paint only the background space
6) finally, paint your subject

Thursday, August 22, 2013

PAINTING NOTES- Hyperrealism

  • Photorealism, 1960s/70's
    • Rebelled against abstract art of the 50's and conceptual art of the 50's&60's (abstract expressionism, formalism, minimalism, op art, & pop art)
    • Straight forward, objective, mundane, banal, genre, every-day-life

  • Hyperrealism, 1990's/2000's
    • Socially Conscious, culture/politics/issues
    • Emotive; Invocative/Evocative/Provocative
    • Encourages viewrs to become voyeurs on situations that may make them feel uncomfortable
Hyperrealists Painters
  • Audrey Flack (b.1931)
  • Chuck Close (b.1940)
  • Richard Estes (b.1936)
  • Denis Peterson (b.1945)
  • Gottried Helnwein

Hyperrealists Sculptors
  • Ron Mueck (b.1958)
  • Duane Hanson (1925-1996)

PAINTING- "Pre-Test"Sketch

In your sketchbook: DUE Mon Aug 26-
Draw a picture of your hand as Photorealistically as you can. Use whatever (dry) media you'd like.

DRAWING- Pre Instructional Drawings

DUE Mon Aug. 28

  1. A Person (whole figure)
  2. A Face (other than your own)
  3. A Chair (ANY chair)
  4. A Self-Portrait (your own face)
  5. A Hand

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Boyer Valley | Send us your pictures!

Hey Bulldogs,

The 'Archive' 2013-14 Yearbook needs YOUR help.

We want to make this the best yearbook ever and we want to include every Bulldog in it.

But we (the YrBk Staff) can't be everywhere- so we're inviting you to send in YOUR pictures of the upcoming school year. Clubs, Sports, Daily Life as a Bulldog.

Join for free and upload your pictures of life at Boyer valley as soon as you take them! Then order a yearbook and you'll get a digital time capsule of your year too.

RePlayIt also has a FREE app, so that you can upload your pictures to us straight from you phone! 

If  ReplayIt's not for you, PLEASE send us any pictures that you take ANYWAY.

PLEASE let you Coaches, Sponsors/Advisors & your Parents & Friends know that we need THEIR pictures too !
  • Join (see reverse side of this flyer)
  • Email them to
  • Bring your camera, memory card, flash drive, or CD to the Art Room for a quick download.

See you next week. Help us make it the best yearbook ever. Make it the best year ever!