Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chapter 20 homework

When in doubt (or absent) check out the class wiki for the notes:

Here's the homework assignments and their due dates-

  • 1-3 p.468 due WED OCT 3
  • 1-5 p.474 due THR OCT 4
  • 1-4 p.481 due FRI OCT 5
  • Chapter 20 Post-Test will be FRI OCT 5

CIVICS; Extra Credit

Here are the bonus questions for the Chapter 19 quiz in Civics  (5pts each);
"We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community... our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for out own." ~Cesar Chavez, organizer of the United Farm Workers 
Please explain how Cesar Chavez's quote relates to any of the following-
A) The Business Cycle (the one that looks  like the Water Cycle in science)
B) William Glasser's 5 Basic Human Needs (Survival/Security, Belonging/Love, Competence/Power, Autonomy/Freedom, Learning/Fun)
C) John Maynard Keyne's concept of a "Mixed Economy."
D) The 2 core paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence- "We hold these truths... from the consent of the governed."

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Basketball Tryouts

Basketball Tryouts
Cheer Coach's Blog: Winter Cheer Tryouts
I couldn't be more proud of or more happy with this season's squad, but so many students are interested in coming out for cheer, that we will be having tryouts for basketball season. I've said before,...
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Layout Assignments

These pages are due by October 5, 2012

  • 002-003 Baseball/Softball- Connor
  • 004-005 Volleyball- Jasmine
  • 006-007 Football- Carl
  • 008-009 FB Cheer- Jade
  • 013 MS FB- Josh
  • 014-015 Homecoming- Taylor
  • 026-027 Student Council | MS StuCo- Robert
  • 030 BV Cares/Talent Search- Taylor
  • 032-033 Voice | Archive- Paul

Friday, September 14, 2012

The 3 'Okes!

Paintings should try to do this. Great Photos should try to do this too. Probably not a bad goal for writing too.
  1. When you look at an artwork of any kind, what mood do they invoke by how they used the elements? 
  2. What things to they evoke for you? 
  3. Was it meant to be provocative? If so, how does it challenge you? Does it make you uncomfortable? Why?

Homecoming Dress-Up Days Next Week

Group Pictures

I can't keep track in my head who wants which of these so I'm just sending them all out at once.
  • Band
  • Drill Squad
  • Student Council
Word is that someone's planning on taking a new Volleyball picture Sunday night at Coronation. I need lots of pictures of Coronation & the Jersey Auction anyway- 

My In-Laws have a 50th Anniversary thing this weekend that I'm going to, so I can't attend. I've asked Yearbook Students, but over the years they've been notoriously unreliable (even when I make it part of their grade)- so can some of you PLEEEEASE take lots of pictures this weekend. 

You can put them in the Archive folder on the server Monday, email them to me, or- and this would be BEST- upload them to and they go directly to the yearbook! It's fast, easy & free.
THANK YOU ahead of time!

Ted Mallory
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Social Activist Art

8th graders- Juxtapose image(s) & text together in order to make a statement or comment that makes people think- like American artist Barbara Kruger.

Consider what associations you can evoke and/or what thought, discussion or debate you can provoke.

Good Design...

Applies to Photography, Layout, Painting, Drawing, Posters, Logos, Interior Design, Architecture, Landscaping- you name it! Come to think of it- it also applies to good writing. Headline = Right JAB, Lead Paragraph = Left HOOK, Story Body = UPPERCUT.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


FOLLOW DIRECTIONS- Before beginning these exercises, be sure to read the directions on pages 89-91 of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (DRSB) and/or page 27 of the DRSB Workbook (handed out Mon. 9/10). Each of these exercises should be in your sketchbook and are worth 10 points each. Please but the time and date next to each one when you finish them.

As a class, we did exercises 1-3 together on Tuesday 9/11 and students did #4 on their own for homework. We will try to do exercises 5-7 in class together on Wed. 9/12

LET IT BE BAD! Don't tear them out of your sketchbook no matter how disappointed you are with any of them. This is about the PROCESS of perceiving and drawing edges- it is NOT about the finished product (of how well you can draw hands). That will come later. Keep these. 1. I need them as evidence of your improving perceptions, 2. you  may want them later in the semester as a point of comparison of how far you've come.

  1. Interior (start from the inside and work out, focus on the lines and creases inside your palm and on your fingers) 5 Minutes (set a kitchen timer if you're working on your own, instead of  together in class).
  2. Exterior (start from the outside and work in, in other words, focus on the outside contour of your hand). Its better to draw slowly and large, its okay if you don't get done- better to have 3 fingers carefully observed for every crack, wrinkle and nuance, than to have a complete hand that's too smooth, too perfect, or too small. 5 Min.
  3. Exterior Left-Handed (This time, use your wrong-hand left for most of us to draw with and use your dominant hand as the model). 5 Min.
  4. Interior/Exterior (go back to using your correct/dominant hand to draw with, but this time start from the inside-out and go on to try to draw the exterior contour too) Don't worry if they don't align. 7 Min
  5. Classmate's Face Left-Handed (Wrong/Left handed) 5 Min.
  6. Classmate's Face Right-Handed (Correct/Right handed) 7-10 Min.
  7. "Modified" Contour Line Drawing of your hand (MCLD) (basically the same as #4, except that you should start from the exterior and this time you MAY look back- though only occasionally, at your sketchbook in order to make adjustments in placement & proportion so that the final product looks more accurate than a purely Blind Contour Line Drawing (BCLD) 7-20 Min

The Day the world stopped turning

Watch 9/11 [Part 1] in Educational  |  View More Free Videos Online at

See all 4 parts of the Naudet Brother's Film

Friday, September 7, 2012

5 Basic Rules of Photo Composition

  1. Keep It Simple (KIS), (1.a. Faces)
  2. Use the Rule of Thirds
  3. Have good Balance (you'll know it when you feel it)
  4. Use Framing
  5. Use lines; leading lines, S lines, implied lines, diagonal line.

YRBK Announcement

Please pick up the yearbooks you ordered from Mr. Mallory in the Art room- Joel Heaps, Taylor Rassell, Nick Gorden, and Michael Hanigan. 

We have lots 2011-12 yearbooks left for just $36. See any Yearbook staffer or Mr. Mallory if you'd like one.

Ted Mallory
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School- 712-643-2258 Ext. 249
Cell- 712-269-5853


Great Quote in Miss Minsen's Math Rm.

There's an old Latin phrase that fits with this; "diligentia maximum etiam mediocris ingeni subsidium," Diligence is a very great help even to a mediocre intelligence. The way we'd put it in cheerleading is, "You've got to want it, to win it!"

Bonus Questions

Here are 3 extra credit questions for this week's Chapter 18 test:

1. "Ideas shape the course of history" ~ John Maynard Keynes
Explain what you think Keynes' quote means. Give examples.

2. "No society can surely be flourishing and happy of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable." ~Adam Smith
Which of Glasser's 5 basic Needs do you think Smith's quote addresses? Explain why/how.
  • Survival/Security
  • Belonging/Love
  • Competence/Power
  • Autonomy/Freedom
  • Learning/Fun
3. Which of the 3 major economic systems do you think would best help the most people meet their basic needs and "inalienable right?" Why? How? Explain.

BONUS Questions

These are optional extra-credit questions for this week's Chapter 18 test, worth 3 points each:
  1. "Ideas shape the course of history" ~John Maynard Keynes
    Explain what you think Keynes' quote means. Give examples.
  2. "No society can surely be flourishing and happy of which the far greater part of its members are poor and miserable." ~Adam Smith
    Which of William Glasser's 5 Basic Human Needs do you think Smith's quote addresses. Explain why/how
  3. Which of the 3 major economic systems do you think would best help the most people meet their needs & "inalienable rights?" Explain how/why

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Business Plan Project Group Assignments

1st Hour Civics
North GroupEast GroupSouth GroupWest Group
  • Lexie
  • Lucas
  • Alec L.
  • Sadie
  • Alec H
  • Jakob
  • Bailey
  • Tyler
  • Liberty
  • Marcus
  • Tristan
  • Brandon
  • Cole
  • Dawson
  • Alex

2nd Hour Civics
North GroupEast GroupSouth GroupWest Group
  • Travis
  • Cory
  • Timothy
  • Katelyn
  • Skye
  • Shawn
  • Madison
  • Ryen
  • Connor
  • Shayla
  • Jason
  • Zach
  • Morgan
  • Rhiannon
  • Brennan
  • Daina

Meet in groups of four to discuss how to get capital to start a business.

To begin with, you need to prepare a business plan. Your plan should :

1) Describe your product or service and

2) Explain why your product or service is needed,

3) How you plan to make or provide it,

4) How your business will be run or organized
(will it be a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a corporation, a cooperative or a non-profit?)

5) What resources you will need, and

6) how you plan to use the capital.

Write your plan, create a poster with a company logo and/or picture of your product or service, and present your plan to the class. Ask the class if it would finance the business outlined in your plan. Put the names of all your group members on the top of your Business Plan. The best plans will be typed, but are not required to be.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

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