Thursday, September 22, 2011

All Boyer Valley Art Students

Mark your calendars for two Art Shows that 9-12 grade students should participate in next Spring.

  • Sioux City Art Center's 22nd Annual Juried Youth Art Exhibition February 18-April 8
    >Works must be delivered January 5-11
    >Details in Guidelines coming in November
    >Reception/Awards Sun. Feb, 19 1:30-3pm
  • Western Valley Conference Art Show Thursday March 22
    >Either Ida Grove or Odebot (TBA)
    >Up to 10 BV students  may attend 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mallory Sub Lessons Mon. 9/19

  1. Civics- Current Events Worksheet (I will put it on the desk in the Civics room Friday). Rhonda will leave newspapers. The front half has to do with news in general, the back half has to do with the unit we're studying. If they have trouble, ask them to do the best that they can and to use their Ch.18 notes to help them if they need to. If they can't answer the last question, they may leave it blank. These are due at the end of the class period, please collect them.
  2. Civics-
  3. Drawing & Seeing- Students will h ave begun their first major drawing on Friday which they will continue working on today (Monday) AND tomorrow (Tues 9/20). If they have any questions, they should re-read  pp. 105-110 in out book. Another option for some students would be to work on their copies of the St. Jerome drawing on p.82 in our book (this should be done upside-down). 

  4. MS Art- DEAR time (silent reading) 11:29-11:49 PLEASE HAVE STUDENTS READ, SILENTLY
    Students may make whatever they'd like to in clay today. I suggest animals of figurines, but so long as it's school-appropriate, anything goes. Wednesday we will learn a new construction method and Friday will be our last day with clay.
    Clean-up is important. Please have kids put tools and clay away and wash their hands beginning at 12:27 or 12:30
    Please make sure the lid is securely on the barrel.

  5. Independent Study- Makayla Carter will work on her latest painting. Katie Cogdill and Ally Kahl may come to work on digital photography in the Yearbook Computer Lab, but probably not since they have Weight Training Mondays.

  6. Painting-
    Elsa, Kameren, and Rodolfo (maybe Pat) will finish working on their complementary-color portraits. Everyone else should complete the Art History Worksheet (on the island). This is due at the end of the class period. They need to share books and return the books to where they got them when they're finished with them.

  7. Yearbook- 
    YrBk I students should work on the Photo II Reading Guide for pp.92-97 Due at the end of class (I will have it on the island). 
    YrBk II students (Christian & Danielle) please work on Football and Volleyball pages or tag pictures on

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Drawing 9/12-9/16

If you missed class on Tuesday 9/13, please read & follow the directions on op.89-93 in our book.

Also draw into your sketchbooks,

  • A plant (from real life)

  • St.Jerome by Durer on pg.82 (do it upside down)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Civics; Hmwk this week

Q 2-4 p423 Due Tues 9/13
Q 1-4 p439 Due Thurs 9/15
Group Business Plans (p441) Due Thurs 9/15
Chap.18 Crossword Puzzle Due Fri 9/16

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bonus Credit option for Civics

BV Civics- how do you think 9/11 effected Economics? Technology? Change? Culture? Government? (our standards).

How did it effect people's 5 basic needs? Survival? Fun? Belonging/Love? Freedom? Power?

How was it a "watershed" in U.S. History?
How was it a "defining moment" for the decade?

Write about one of these 3 clusters of questions for bonus-credit. 50-500 words (you decide), due Tuesday 9/13.