Philosophy of Art Education

⊕ Art is not just for the gifted or students certain that they want a career in art.

⊕ Art is for everyone.

⊕ I believe that the goal of art in the curriculum isn't to make an artist out of everyone; but rather to allow all students to discover their creativity, explore it, develop it, and use it constructively, to help them appreciate the world, themselves, and others as the wonderful works of art that they are; to endow them with confidence in their uniqueness and individuality, not to mention a respect for the uniqueness of others;
to stimulate them to use their creativity for the enrichment and well being of their community, whatever their plans in life are.

⊕ Art is an effective vehicle to learning in all subjects.

⊕ Art is an important way to help a student feel like part of their world- by working it into their being with their own hands.