Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sub lessons

Mallory Sub Lessons, leaving 11:30 (mid 4th hour) Friday, March 6

PER 4- MS Art   I will have gotten students started on their value-puzzle portraits. They need to draw as silently as they can, one square at a time, only looking at them upside down. They may use graphite sticks, blending sticks and Kleenex for blending. Please also make sure that they read silently during DEAR time.

PER 5- Painting  Students have already received directions for three color exercises in their watercolor pads. Examples are hung on the whiteboard. Most students will be working on the second of three. Those students who finish all three may "free paint." Clean-up is important the last 5 minutes of class.

PER 6- Yearbook   Mandi, Danielle, and Christine may work on layouts on in the Graphics Lab. The rest of the students have a quiz ( I will leave it on the island counter). They may use their notes, but not their book or worksheets. When they turn in their finished quiz, please return their previous quiz (also on the counter). They have a headline writing assignment that they may work on in groups quietly once they're done with their quiz. It is due at the end of the class period- please collect it. (Kelsey & Cortney have already finished it so they may use the time as a study hall.)