Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mallory Sub lessons Tues Jan 31

Good morning, thank you for taking my classes today

1st & 2nd  Hour (CIVICS)
1) Have students take the Chapt. 6 Pre-Test (attached) & turn it in by the end of the hour
2) Give students Current Events assignment (also attached) and a newspaper (should still be on the desk int he back of the room. This assignment is due tomorrow, but they should be working on it quietly for the whole hour, once they've finished their Pre-Test

3rd Hour (Photography)
Students should:

4th Hour (MS Art)
7th graders have  ITBS today, so there won't be an Art class or a Study Hall
Please let Junior Ashley Thompson (Ind.Stud./Yearbook Editor) into the lab to work on layouts 

5th Hour (Planning Period)
Please let Senior Christian Leisinger (Ind.Stud./Yearbook Managing Editor) into the lab to work on layouts, check name spellings, or work on other homework.

6th Hour (CERAMICS)
Students will continue to glaze pots. Please make sure that they clean-up (put lids back on jars, return jars to boxes, wash out brushes & return them).

7th Hour (YEARBOOK) 
Students need to be working on layouts, writing headlines and captions, tagging (identifying) students in pictures- or use this time as a study hall for other classes. No games and no leaving the room. Remind them that they need to work on yearbook 5 days for an 'A' four for a 'B' three for a 'C' and at least two for a 'D.'

Thank you.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WVC Art Show 2012

Boyer Valley students should submit their artworks to Mr. Mallory by Thursday, March 15, for entry into the Western Valley Conference Art Show.

The 2012 WVC Art Show will be hosted at OABCIG on Thursday, March 22. The show will be held in the OABCIG High School gym. The show is open to the public from 12:15-3:00pm.  Student workshops will run from 9:30am-12:15pm. Awards will be announced after 1:15pm.

Please let Mr. Mallory know if you'd be interested in attending.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012



Anyone who is missing any work from Jan 4-13 on Civics can now print out all of the review questions for D. Schwerey's "History of Iowa" article. They weren't all posted on the Wiki before, but they are now. 

If you need copies of Prof. Schwerey's article, the article on immigrant entrepreneurs, or the article on Sen. Grimes, please ask me and I'll make new copies for you, because these still aren't posted on the wiki. 

Remember, partial credit is better than zeros. You're ALL smart enough to succeed. 

The 3 most important things you can do for your grade is 1) do the work, 2) put your name on it and 3) turn it in. 
The most important thing you can do to learn is to LISTEN!