Saturday, August 23, 2014

EIGHTH GRADE ART- Week of 8/25-29

MON 8/25

TUE 8/26
"Studio Time" to work on Hexagonal Selfies

WED 8/27
Finish Hexagonal Selfies
DUE: "Check Your Understanding Questions" 1-5 on page 5

THUR 8/28
  • Quick Quiz on Elements of Design
  • Self-Critique/Discuss Hexagonal Selfies

DRAWING- Week of 8/25-29

MON 8/25
TUES 8/26
"Studio Time" to work on signature-self portraits

WED 8/27
  • "Show&Shine" Signature-Selfies
  • Two Modes (DRSB p.44) Notes

THR 8/28
"Studio Time" to work on "My Two Brains" Collage

FRI 8/29
  • Show&Shine My 2 Brains
  • Flea-Sized Astronaut Profiles

CIVICS- Week of 8/25-29

MON 8/25-

TUE 8/26-
Notes on 5 Basic Human Needs

WED 8/26-
Begin Chapter 1 | Sec 1 Notes

FRI 8/28-
DUE: Section Review questions 1-5 p. 8

Friday, August 22, 2014

COMM.ART- Project One: Illustration

Design Process | Step One, Define the Task
Illustrate each of the following-

  • A Song
  • A Poem
  • A Childrens' Book or Story
  • A Quotation or Proverb
  • A Novel
You will work on all 5 for Design Process Steps One through Four,
you will narrow it down from 5 to just 2 or 3 for steps Five and Six of the Design Process.
Eventually you will only be responsible for 1 or 2 for step Seven
and you'll only have to have 1 finished project (Step Eight). Refer to your notes from Thurs 8/21 for the Nine steps in the Graphic Design Process.

MON 8/25 | Step Two, Research
Spend class looking through poetry books, browsing through magazines, or using computers in the Yearbook Lab or your own devices to help you begin generating ideas and notes. You may want to look for examples or better yet, start compiling a "morgue" of images of subject matter to base your sketches on.

TIP- you may print things off or cut them off and paste them in your sketchbook, or if you prefer working digitally, you may want to save some items to your device or "pin" them on Pinterest.

TUES 8/26- WED 8/27 | Step Three, Brainstorming
  • TUES- Presentation from Mr. Mallory on the purpose & methods of brainstorming
  • WED- "Studio Time" to continue research, brainstorm on your own or begin sketching

THUR 8/28- Representative from the Creative Center in Omaha

FRI 8/29 | Step Four, Sketching
Spend time creating several thumbnail sketches (as small as you like, but no bigger than 3x5 inches).

MON SEP 1 "FRIDAY CHECK-IN" | Mr. Mallory will meet with each student during class to review their individual progress, make sure you've been working on steps One thru Four for all for options, and discuss which 2 or 3 you'd like to drop and which 2 or 3 you'd like to keep pursuing.

NEXT WEEK (SEP 1-5) | You will advance to Step Five, Design Direction, where you'll have time developing a few of your sketched further. Then we'll have some Peer Feedback time where we'll meet either in groups or as a class to help give each other figure out how to start executing our comps and final projects.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Yearbook Tasks- Weeks of 8/21-8/25

Wanna earn some production points? Here are some things that need to get done:

  • Make a list of people who ordered 2013-14 books but haven't picked them up yet.
  • Hang sales posters in strategic places around campus
  • Make grid poster of Senior class
  • Stick ReplayIt cards in lockers
  • Tag photos on, esp. Softball
  • Nag Seniors to submit their Senior pictures
  • like/share Mr. Mallory's YB-Signing YouTube video
  • Have your friends sign yours, tell your friends to have each other sign theirs, encourage Freshmen, especially to come to the Art room to sign Mr. Mallory's
  • Take pictures at sports practices & just "student-life" pictures wherever
  • Start exploring/playing with
  • Spread the word about
  • THINK ABOUT THEME IDEAS- which we'll decide next week
Monday I will provide you with order forms and ad contracts so that you can begin selling books & ads!

Seventh & Eighth Grade Art

  • Due Mon 8/25- Get for just this class either a spiral notebook or a sketchbook, whichever- which you will be able to use as an Art Journal or "Smashbook" (combined notes, sketches & scrapbook). 
  • Due Fri 8/22 for 7th and Mon 8/25 for 8th- "Four Questions," either in your Art Journal, or on your own paper, answer the following (include doodles or illustrations):
  1. What's the most powerful aroma you've ever been exposed to?
  2. What's your favorite noun to look at?
  3. What do you care most about?
  4. What can you do well?
  • Due Mon 8/25 (Just 7th Grade)- Notes/Diagram on/of the Four Art Disciplines discussed on Wed 8/20
Remember to turn Art assignments in to the yellow-box on the island, & don't forget to put your name on it! Thanks


  • Due Mon 8/25- Pre-Instructional Drawings
    • A Chair
    • Another person's face
    • A human (the whole person, not just their face)
    • A self-portrait (your own face)


  • Due Fri 8/22- Notes on "How to take Cornell notes."
  • Due Monday 8/25- Have each of these items just for Civics class; A 3 Ring binder for keeping & organizing notes in and a spiral note book (college ruled) for a "Civics Journal."
  • Due Fri 8/29- First two journal questions:
    • What do we all have in common?
    • What makes it "self-evident" that we're all "created equal?" In other words, what proves our equality?


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Creative Center Representative Visit

A rep from the Creative Center in Omaha will be visiting Commercial Art Class, 6th period on Thursday, August 28.

Other BV students interested in her presentation should see Mr. Marlin about getting a pass to the Art room from their other 6th period classes. I'd strongly encourage Drawing and Yearbook students to consider attending.