Monday, March 25, 2013

Mallory Sub Lessons

Hi, I guess that neither my wife or in-laws are able to get our daughter Grace up to her appointment in Sioux City this afternoon at 4, so its up to me.

I want to get my Ceramics class started on a new project for the week, but I should probably try to take off by or before 1:30 (middle of 6th period).

Here are some lessons for whoever the sub is. 

6-Ceramics- I will get them started on their skull projects. They should work on their skulls, but if they need to, they may continue working on their shoes from last week, or glaze their other pots. There should not be anyone not working. Please have them clean-up about 1:40 or sooner. Thanks

7- Eighth Grade Art- Students should continue painting their Surrealist scenes. Tell them not to rush, but to do their best. They will have at least tomorrow to work on them too. Please remind them to clean & put away their brushes properly. Clean-up should start around 2:25

8- YEARBOOK-  Kary & Shelby; work on Module 18 worksheets due Thursday

Robert; please look at sold ads & build ads in photoshop to upload, or place ads on pages in yearbookavenue

Ashley & Taylor please work on Senior section.

Others; work on pages on yearbookavenue, help others work on their layouts, help Kary & Shelbby

Ted Mallory
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Friday, March 15, 2013

Photography; Chapter 8

  2. 08 Digital Photography- This is the Ch.8 page on the class wiki
  3. 08 Online Editing- Don''t have Photoshop? Use one of these to help you complete the editing assignments below
  4. 08 Store, Share, & Print- You're already using Flickr to store and view your pictures, but you need to get them printed for your portfolio. Try one/some of these sites to get what you need.

Chapter 8 Vocabulary Terms
  • Pixel
  • 0-255 grayscale/color values
    • 0= Pure Black/Hue
    • 128= Middle Gray/Tone
    • 255= Pure White
  • Levels (if you want to, it's good to also know channels, histograms, and curves- but since we're speeding through this, it's enough to know levels)
  • File types: (it's good to know TIFF, RAW, GIF, and PNG)
    • .psd (can only open in Photoshop)
    • .jpg aka .jpeg (make sure you "save as" this whenever you're done editing an image)
  • Layers (can't composite without it)
  • Retouching (spotting, dodging, burning, blurring, sharpening, red-eye, etc.)
  • Compositing

SHOOTING (actually, Editing/Enhancing) ASSIGNMENTS
 You should make sure that you use Photoshop to get each of the following assignments done for your portfolio AND uploaded to Flickr ASAP
  • Composite- Invent a new image or reinvent another one in Photoshop, be sure to utilize layers, selection tools, and a variety of retouch tools (see pp. 172-173). 
  • Retouching- Find an older or damaged print and "clean it up" in Photoshop. Please "save as" so that you can keep an original (untouched) version of the picture for comparison (see pp. 170-171). Should be subtle and professional. 
  •  Manipulation- Using Photoshop or some other image-editing tool to alter the image in an expressive or artistic manor. More than retouch, but less than composite. May include, but is not limited to blurred backgrounds, spot-color, desaturation. 
  • Collage/Montage- composite image made by putting together or assembling various smaller pictures to create a larger work- generally several shots are taken of the same subject and "sewn" together in Photoshop.

Ted Mallory
Boyer Valley Community Schools
Challenging all students to meet their full potential 
Art | Yearbook | Cheerleading | Newsletter | Web Coordinator

School- 712-643-2258 Ext. 249
Cell- 712-269-5853

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PHOTO CLASS; "The Photoreporters"

If you want to see a bunch of examples of 20th Century Photo Journalists that we've just been studying- especially if you want to fill out a photo-analysis (aesthetic scan) sheet or an art history sheet for EXTRA CREDIT- check out my board on Pinterest. I've pinned a ton of photos for you.

YrBk 2-2-2

Yearbook Staff,
Remember our 2-2-2 Campaign, staff. All 11 of you need to sell 2 ads and 2 books in 2 weeks. Last night I bought you some prizes. First person to sell their 2&2 gets first pick of 3 prizes. Whoever sells the most (more than just 2&2) in these 2 weeks gets the other 2 prizes.

PS- happy birthday Connor!

Monday, March 4, 2013


REMEMBER, the end of the quarter is almost upon us, therefore there will be a memorization quiz this Friday: Here's the text of the First Amendment
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

YEARBOOK: 'March AD-ness'

Here are three announcements that will start running tomorrow:

The Yearbook still needs Senior Pictures from the following: Rodolfo Arroyo, Adam Brungart, bobby Cave, Randi Fouts, Taylor Malone, Robert Ritterbush, Nicole Roberts, Renea Siemer, Ashley Thompson, and Robert Willis. Please get a picture to us by the end of March or we may have to use your Lifetouch picture in the yearbook.

ORDER YOUR YEARBOOK Before St. Patrick's Day and Save Some Green! Order from any Yearbook Staffer before Friday, March 15 and receive $2 off! Or, get your parents to order online for $6 cheaper! Get an order form from any Archive staffer today: Jade Allard, Frank Davis, Connor Green, Shelby Kline, Kemeren Park, Taylor Malone, Jasmine Riley, Kary Rodriguez, Ashley Thompson, or Robert Willis. 
Get YOUR pictures in the Yearbook! Join for free. Look for the free RePlayIt app from Jostens or look for on the web. Register with Boyer Valley as your school and you'll be able to submit pictures for us to use in this year's yearbook. You'll also get free access to tons of pictures of you and your friends from this school year. Make it YOUR yearbook. We need YOUR help. Register for free and start sending your pictures this week.

Yearbook Staffers, Here are some of our goals for this month-

  • 2:2:2- Every staffer sells 2 Ads and 2 PreOrders in the next 2 weeks! You can do this! 
  • Make & hang posters for the halls encouraging kids to order yearbooks (everyone).
  • Address & Stuff envelopes for a direct mail campaign to sell ads (Robert, Jasmine, & anyone who wants to join them)
  • Finish-up & submit Page Groups 2, 3, 4, & 5 (I'll work on proofing/editing Group 2, you guys work on getting pages 17-46 done)
  • Build layouts for Winter sports pages; 42-43 BBB, 44-45 GBB, 46-47 Cheer, 48 HS Wresting
  • Shoot, beg, borrow, or otherwise procure pictures of clubs, organizations, activities, teams and sports; MS StuCo, SciClub, QuizBowl, Voice, FCCLA, MS Sports, MS/HS Wrestling

PHOTO; Pictures Due/Overdue

Comment on at least 3 classmate's pictures
Comment on the images of classmates in our class’ flickr group-pool by no later than Monday, March 4.
1) Use PQP Method for one
2) Use the 4-Step Art Criticism Method for another
3) Comment your own way on a third
Dig.Photo Shooting Assignments
The following images should be uploaded to your flickr stream and added to our class’ group-pool by no later than Friday, March 1.
4 Angles of View (see pp.30-31)

1) Wide Angel (3/3)
2) Mid-Range (2/3)
3) Close-Up (1/3)
4) Tight (detail)

Distorted Perspective Close-Up (see pp.36-37)
Deliberate Shallow Depth-of-Field (read page 40, and pp.42-45)
Macro (Read pp. 38-39 & 48-49)
Take some landscape or townscape pictures using the Rule-of-Thirds
Take some pictures using "Leading Lines."
Framing Subjects (see pp. 182-183)