Friday, November 30, 2012

Mallory Sub Lessons Fri Nov. 30

Thank you (Sub) for taking my classes. One of my daughters is sick today.

1&2hr CIVICS-

Have students read pages 330-334 and answer the section review questions about county government on page 334. Have them turn them into the purple boxes by the end of the hour. Otherwise they can use today to catch-up on any of the Review Question worksheets or notes they may be missing from this past week (blanks are on the counter under the cabinets)

Students should read pp.162-172 of chapter 9 in their book, then take a look at figure 9-5 on p.166, then trace themselves on a mirror with an overhead marker, then copy or re-trace it into their sketchbooks. They may want to look through the "test for yourself:" diagrams in figures 9-1, 9-2, 9-3, 9-4 & 9-5 to help them understand. Afterward, they can use the time to catch-up on whatever real-life sketches of eyes of noses in their sketchbooks that they need to catch up on.

4th Hr- Planning Period

5th Hr 7th Grade Art-

DEAR TIME- 11:52-12:12
Students should continue working on their Complimentary-Color Oil Pastel Self Portraits

6th Hr Painting-
Students should use today to catch-up on & complete their watercolor charts & exercises:
  • Neutralizing Complement Scale Washes
  • 9 Texture Techniques
  • 9 Mood/Emotion Analogues
If they're caught up, they may try one watercolor "free choice painting" or use the time as a study-hall. Please have them start cleaning up at 1:40 pm. If there is ANY trouble, please send students to the office right away.

7th Hr 8th Grade Art-
8th graders have PE on Fridays so enjoy a break!

8th Hr Yearbook-
Students should work on their pages on either in the lab or on a laptop. Or, they may want to explore since we've been studying typography, but don't download anything, even though its free.

Since it is a Friday home game, there should be a short pep rally today at 3:00pm. Please dismiss cheerleaders at 2:45- ask Jim Jordan when he'd like the band dismissed. If cheerleaders wonder where I'm at, please let them know I'll be there for the game tonight.

Thanks again & have a great weekend.

Ted Mallory
Boyer Valley Community Schools
Challenging all students to meet their full potential
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Painting Choices

COPY of the ARTIST WHO's PAINTING YOU ANALYZED for the formal paper- Due Fri. Nov.9

Create a painting in either neoclassical or romantic style of a person, place, or scene...
  • A scene out of history, like David, Turner, or Delecroix
  • A local landscape, like Gainsborough or Constable
  • An extremely expressive portrait, like Gericault or Goya
  • A "genre" slice of everyday life, like Chardin or Ingres

THIS TIME, you may choose to work with a different media-
  • Use a thick impasto, like Chardin (be sure to mix plenty of glue in your tempera to prevent cracking & flaking)
  • Use pastels, like Ingres, or
  • Use watercolor, like Turner

Monday, November 5, 2012

YEARBOOK this week

When in doubt- you can see what's planned and what's due when by checking

This week, we'll be learning about caption writing. Be sure to check for details.

PLEASE NOTE- (unless, of course you have NO pictures whatsoever yet)
Fall Spread Assignments are due at the end of this week.

  • MON- Caption Writing; Read pp. 74-77
  • TUES- Complete Activities 12.1, 12.2 and/or work in lab on pages
  • WED- Activities 12.1, 12.2 Due today
  • THUR- Complete Activities 12.3 and 12.4, and/or work on pages in lab
  • FRI- Test on Caption Writing
    • Activities 12.3 and 12.4 Due today
    • Fall pages DUE TODAY
ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND- Your grade comes from 3 sources; Assignments/Quizzes, Ad & Book Sales, and Production work. Therefore, keep these things in mind...
  • Assignments/Quizzes
    • Module 12 Activity worksheets, Captions reading/notes & Quiz 
  • Ad & Book Sales
    • Keep selling ads on your own time, just because we aren't going out together, missing school anymore, doesn't mean you can't keep selling & raise your grade!
    • As of today (11/5) we're only at about 30% of our ad goal. $2,097.00/$7,000.00
    • Start trying to get people to buy books. Sell to teachers & staff, both Dunlap and Dow City (they get $10 off!)
    • REMIND EVERYBODY that the price will go up (from $36 to $42) if they don't order before Christmas break!
    • Can you believe we've only sold 14 pre-orders so far?! Out of almost 500+ people K-12!
      You're working hard on this book, don't you want people to see it?
    • Remember too, that we have plenty of 2011-12 books left if people are interested. Often parents & alumni are interested in older books too. We have lots from 2002-2011 for just $25 each.
  • Production work
    • Every week, from now on, I check on how much time everyone spends on yearbookavenue (it keeps track) and how many times you hit "save," not to mention how your pages are coming. It will become a weekly score.
    • Next Monday, we'll go over the rubrics (score sheets) for page production and see what changes/improvements you can make on your Fall assignments. We'll also take a look at the ladder and start assigning Winter pages, so be thinking about what sports, events, or clubs you want to be in charge of.
    • Bob & Paul- we have to send the cover to the plant by or before Friday, November 16!!!

8th Grade Art this week

This week, we'll begin learning about Early 20th Century Art.

When in doubt, see what we're doing and if/what is due & when at

  • Mon.-Examining Your Work p.13,
    • Early 20th Century- pp.241-245
  • Tues- Finish discussing 241-245,
    • Read Directions (pp.246-247)/Begin Cubist Chalk Drawing
  • Wed-Thur- Continue working on Cubist Chalk Drawing
  • DUE THURS!- Check Your Understanding questions 1-6 p.245

PAINTING this week

This week we'll be studying the neoclassicists and and the romantics of the Age of Enlightenment (1700's).

Remember, you can always check for vocabulary terms, a list of painters, the assignment choices, the notes slideshow, and of course, Sister Wendy's video.

  • MON- Notes
  • TUES- Video & begin painting
  • WED-FRI Painting

The formal written Painting Analysis Papers ( are due on Tuesday, Nov. 6. 

  • In addition to an "Age of Revolution" Painting (Due Wed. 11/14), 
  • everyone needs to create a copy of the painting which they analyzed in their paper (Due Fri 11/9)
  • Renea, and only those volunteers whom she chooses, may also help paint the giant grass needed for the Drill team's set props (not due till December).
When in doubt, you can always check out to see what we're doing and what's due and when.

7th Grade Art this week

Remember, you can always see what we'll be doing in Art and what's due and when by checking out

This week we'll continue learning about the elements of design. We'll finish our notes on Monday and begin a "scavenger hunt" in magazines for examples of the elements on Wednesday.

Thursday we'll make a decision. Either we'll start learning about the principles of design, like we did the elements- or we'll explore at least one of the elements a little deeper, like using lines to describe contours.

DRAWING & SEEING this week

Remember, you can always check for details and examples of this week's assignments.

You can also visit to see what's due and when in Mr. Mallory's classes.

  • Monday, 11/5- Draw a corner of a room where the ceiling and two walls come together
  • Tues-Fri Read pp 152-155, Prepare a page in your 18x24 newsprint pad with 2 inch margins, toned and with cross hairs. Then, follow Dr. Edwards directions and spend a week drawing one of the hallways in the school.
  • We will critique the hallway drawings either Friday or Monday, depending on class progress.

Your drawings should have evidence that you...
  • Chose & used a "basic-unit" to compare/comtrast/determine sizes and proportions
  • Used a viewfinder and cross-hairs to help you compare/contrast/determine angles and perspectives. 
  • FOCUS/Concentration/Effort/Professionalism/Left-to-Right Hemisphere Mode Shift- get in the zone!

CIVICS this week

This week we'll be studying the Constitution. Because it is so fundamental to everything else we learn this year, we may be taking 2 weeks for this chapter.

Remember to check for homework, notes, and other details about Chapter 3.

You can also visit to see what homework is due and when.

  • Current events worksheet due Tues 11/6
  • 1-4 p. 61 due Wed 11/7
  • 1-3 p. 67 and 1-2 p.62 due Thurs 11/8
  • 1-4 p. 90 due Fri 11/9

Next week (tentative)
  • Personal Mission Statement Project due Mon 11/12
  • 1-4 p. 91 due Tues 11/13
  • ID Terms 1-7 p.96 due Wed 11/14
  • Main Ideas 1,3,5,&7 p.96/97 due Thurs 11/15
  • Main Ideas 2, 4,6,&8 p.96/97 due Fri 11/16 (expect PostTest)