Wednesday, September 25, 2013


  • SENIORS: Please finish your Senior Yearbook Questionnaires and return them to Jasmine or Mr. Mallory as soon as possible. 
  • The Senior portrait deadline is November 20. Check the poster by the Art room to see if you've turned yours in. 
  • The deadline for having your name embossed or other customizations to your yearbook is March 18.
Pre-Order your 2013-14 Yearbook *soon to save money:
  1. Order by October 10 to get one for only $36.
  2. The price between October 11 and March 2 will be $42.
  3. Between March 3 and May 31 will be $50.
  4. If you don't pre-order, but wait till next Fall, they'll go up to $56!

See Mr. Mallory or any Archive staffer for an order form. Order now, pay later.You can even order online at!

If you didn't order a 2012-13 yearbook and still want one, we have plenty, for just $40. See Mr. Mallory or any Archive staff member.

Monday, September 23, 2013

7thGradeArt: Complements/Neutrals

Drawing Assignment

Please read & follow directions 1-15 for the "Modified Contour Drawing of Your Hand" found on pages 105-109 in out book.

We will work M-W in class & critique them on Thursday.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sub Plans Mon 9/9/13

PER 7- 8th Grade Art, Mr. Mallory will need to leave by 2:00pm

Student should finish work on their painting assignments or begin cleaning up. Students who are finished may begin working on Chapter Review Questions 1-20 on page 15 which will be due this Wednesday, Sept. 11. Students should expect a test over the elements and principles of design (Chapter 1) on Wednesday.

PER 8- Yearbook, Mr. Mallory will not be here at all for this class today.

Working in groups of 2-3, Students should complete Activity 22.3 in their Module 22 packets. They should use page 138 in their books to help them. Activities 1-4 will all be due this Thursday. The Module 22 test will also be this Thursday, not Friday- because we will not have class Friday due to Homecoming Decoration Day.

If/when they are finished with Activity 3, Students may use the lab computers or checkout laptops to work on the "On Deadline" Layout & Ad assignments. I recommend using either Photoshop or InDesign, but they may use MS Word, Corell Draw or any computer program or app they feel most comfortable with. They may ask more experienced students to help them if they need it.The revised due date for this assignment is now Monday, September 16.

Please hand back the Module 23 Tests to students (on the island counter). Thank You.