Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sub Lessons Wednesday, Dec.10, 2014

Oops! Looks like our meeting is after lunch, not before. (I had posted lessons for morning classes, here are lessons for afternoon classes.
7th Grade ART (per.5)
I should be back by or just after lunch, but they should read silently (D.E.A.R. Time) until 12:12PM.
Students should complete a self-critique & aesthetic scan about their recent work illustrating the poem 'a visit from St.Nicholas." When they're finished, have them put hem in the yellow box. They may use the remainder of the class period to free-draw or as a study hall. I think Maddie may still need to complete her artwork.

8th Grade ART (per.7)
Students should continue working on their Grant Wood American Gothic parodies. They may begin coloring/painting today. Remind them to start with the background and move forward. Please have them clean up 5 minutes before the end of the class period.

Yearbook (per.8)
We've had most of the class absent this week, so good luck.
Yearbook I ( Jared, Brandon, Liberty, & Zach) have a Test today (I'll print it off & have it on my island for you. Remind them that their notes & Activities 14.1-4 are due today- have them put them all in the yellow box when they're finished.
YRBK II ( Frank, Jake, & Sadie) need to work on pages in yearbookavenue.jostens.com.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Drawing I Final

*This final constitutes 10% of your Semester Grade

·         Create a self-portrait on 18x24 paper. At least 2/3rds of the drawing should be of your own face. At least 2/3 of your face should be shown.
·         Draw either a front-on portrait, or if you feel confident enough, a ¾ view
·         Please “prime” the page with a graphite background first, then use pencil, graphite, erasers, blending to create a realistic/photographic an image a possible.
·         Read Dr. Edward’s directions on pages 218-225 in our book.

·         Use a mirror for this main portion of the drawing. You may use photographs for secondary images included in the drawing, of yourself or of others.

·         2 inch margin.

·         You may pick them up anytime after when we get back from Christmas Break

Friday, December 5, 2014

DRAWING: Copy of a Courbet Self-Portrait

To get acquainted with the concepts of value, shading and "light-logic," Read pp. 194-204 in Chapter 10 of DRSB. Then focus in on and follow the directions found on pp. 200-204, copying Cobert's self portrait into your sketchbooks. DUE Monday, Dec. 8.

  • Use shading, not line
  • Make sure you have adequate density, contrast, and range
  • You may want to draw it upside-down to engage your right-hemisphere mode of thinking
  • You may use either figure 10-10 on page 203 or figure 10-3 on page 197, whichever you think would be more helpful

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

DRAWING; Profile Views

Read & Follow Directions on pp.181-186,
Tone a page in your sketchbook and draw someone's profile (side-view). Must be from real life, not a photo.
This can be a classmate, or if you were absent, a friend or family member who volunteers to model for you.
DUE Mon. Dec.1st

Monday, November 24, 2014

Drawing; A Warm-Up Exercise

If you haven't yet, be sure to read pp. 174-176 and take notes for yourself on correct placement and proportion rations for profiles.

Read and follow the directions on pp.178-180 in DRSB, to help you copy John Singer Sargent's profile of Mme. Gautreau (fig.9-23) into your sketchbook. Due Tues 11/25

Thursday, November 20, 2014

CIVICS: Due Tomorrow!

For those of you who were absent Thursday, Nov. 20- the following assignment was added-
1-2 p.110 & 1-2 p.116

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Practice Drawing Facial Features in your Sketchbooks

The following should be in your sketchbook when they are collected Friday, Nov.21
  • FROM THR NOV 13th- 3-7  (5 is fine) practice EYES.
    • Must be from real life, no photos
    • 2 may be your own (mirror)
    • Get some left and some right
  • FROM FRI NOV 14th- 3-7 (5 is fine) practice NOSES.
    • Must be from real life, no photos
    • 2 may be your own (mirror)
    • Try to get some from slightly above looking down, some from as straight-on as possible, and some from just a little below, looking up
  • FROM TUE NOV 18th- 7 practice MOUTHS.
    • No more than 3 may be from photos (at least 4 must be from real life, 2 may be your own (mirror or photo).
    • Try to capture a variety of expressions; smile, frown, bored, surprised, etc.
    • At least 2 need to show teeth or be open
  • FROM WED&THR NOV 19th&20th- 3-7  (5 is fine) practice EARS & HAIRSTYLES.
    • Must be from real life, no photos
    • Make sure ears are foreshortened (going away from you in space), these are for the portrait view of the face, not the profile view (where you'd see the whole ear)
    • Try to capture a variety of hairstyles; long, short, straight, wavy, curly, spike, etc.

Monday, October 27, 2014


  • First Period- in case you didn't see it on the board- there is an assignment due tomorrow
    1-2 p.94 & 1-2 p.95
  • Please turn in your Civics Binders before the end of the day- Thank You

DRAWING: Hallway Perspective Drawing

"Real" Perspective Drawing- Read the directions in DRSB pp.152-155, on 18x24 newsprint pad, draw a realistic drawing of one of our school's hallways. This is a test to evaluate how well you're able to apply "sighting skills." Use a viewfinder, use a basic unit, have a 2" margin all the way around the page to represent the "format" of your plastic picture plane/picture frame viewfinder, lightly tone your page with graphite, be sure to use negative-space. Tentative Due Date: End of class Thursday 10/30 (but if needed, we may use Monday &/or Tuesday of next week too)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

DRAWING- Perspective Practice

Read pp 146-151 in DRSB, then in your sketchbook, complete the following two drawings, be sure to use "sighting" to help you accurately gage angles and distances. Use a viewfinder, and draw within a format.
Due by end of class on Friday, Oct 24.

1) Draw a doorway from at least 10-15 ft away

2) Draw a corner of a room where the ceiling and two walls come together

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DRAWING: Sketchbook assignment for TUES-WED, Oct 21-22, 2014

Read pp.142-145 in DRSB. Using your picture-plane viewfinder (as a sort of "Durer's Device), draw a format in your sketchbook, and draw a foreshortened view down your leg, like the one on the lower left corner of page 144.

DRAWING- Sketchbook Assignment MON Oct 20, 2014

Read pages 140-141 in 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain." Experiment with sighting through a paper tube as shown in Figure 8-1 on p.140. Use a pencil to help you "sight" the angles of a table, as in figures 8-4 through 8-7 on page 141. Draw a table in your sketchbook, using this sighing method.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Drawing: Remember these

Concepts that help artists imagine subjects as 2-Dimensional and therefore easier to "copy:"

A) The Picture Frame; Selected area of space which limits the composition to a specific format. When observing (perceiving/viewing) a viewfinder can help. When drawing (recording/rendering), placing a margin around the page you're drawing on can help.

B) The Picture Plane; An imaginary plane (pane/facet) of 2-dimensional space a few inches in front of your face onto which artists imagine their subjects are flattened: so that instead of a model sitting several yards ahead with mountains several miles behind that, foreground, middle-ground and background are all just a flat picture, as if they're a photo, poster or already a drawing that the artist merely has to copy. Other things that help include closing one eye to reduce the interference your natural of stereo-optic depth-perception.

Review pages 98-101 in Edwards' 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain' to help you further understand these concepts.

REVIEW- The 5 Perceptual Skills that make up the global skill of Drawing;

1) Perception of Edges, contours, frontiers between forms and spaces (deals mainly with the sensory element of line)
2) Perception of Spaces, not just figure/ground or foreground/background but placement and arrangement within a format or composition (deals especially with the sensory element of space, negative-space in particular, bur also with the general application of the formal principles of design)
3) Perception of Relationships, parts-to-whole and subject-within-context (deals with informal perspective, placement, and especially the formal principle of proportion)
4) Perception of Light & Shadows, shading and "light-logic" concepts like density, contrast, range, modeling, chiaroscuro (deals with the sensory element of value)
5) Perception of Gestalt, a sense of completion or closure, cohesion and "oneness." (deals mostly with the formal principles of unity and harmony)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Illustrating Principles with Principles

This covers two assignments. I'm having my HS Commercial Art class illustrate quotes, poems or songs. This is from Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. My 8th Grade Art class is learning about the Principles of Design, I asked them to use visual principles to illustrate/express democratic principles ( I also teach their Civics class). This is my humble offering. I'm also going to make a stamp version (ink and rubber, instead of in photoshop).

Tuesday, September 9, 2014



Saturday, August 23, 2014

EIGHTH GRADE ART- Week of 8/25-29

MON 8/25

TUE 8/26
"Studio Time" to work on Hexagonal Selfies

WED 8/27
Finish Hexagonal Selfies
DUE: "Check Your Understanding Questions" 1-5 on page 5

THUR 8/28
  • Quick Quiz on Elements of Design
  • Self-Critique/Discuss Hexagonal Selfies

DRAWING- Week of 8/25-29

MON 8/25
TUES 8/26
"Studio Time" to work on signature-self portraits

WED 8/27
  • "Show&Shine" Signature-Selfies
  • Two Modes (DRSB p.44) Notes

THR 8/28
"Studio Time" to work on "My Two Brains" Collage

FRI 8/29
  • Show&Shine My 2 Brains
  • Flea-Sized Astronaut Profiles

CIVICS- Week of 8/25-29

MON 8/25-

TUE 8/26-
Notes on 5 Basic Human Needs

WED 8/26-
Begin Chapter 1 | Sec 1 Notes

FRI 8/28-
DUE: Section Review questions 1-5 p. 8

Friday, August 22, 2014

COMM.ART- Project One: Illustration

Design Process | Step One, Define the Task
Illustrate each of the following-

  • A Song
  • A Poem
  • A Childrens' Book or Story
  • A Quotation or Proverb
  • A Novel
You will work on all 5 for Design Process Steps One through Four,
you will narrow it down from 5 to just 2 or 3 for steps Five and Six of the Design Process.
Eventually you will only be responsible for 1 or 2 for step Seven
and you'll only have to have 1 finished project (Step Eight). Refer to your notes from Thurs 8/21 for the Nine steps in the Graphic Design Process.

MON 8/25 | Step Two, Research
Spend class looking through poetry books, browsing through magazines, or using computers in the Yearbook Lab or your own devices to help you begin generating ideas and notes. You may want to look for examples or better yet, start compiling a "morgue" of images of subject matter to base your sketches on.

TIP- you may print things off or cut them off and paste them in your sketchbook, or if you prefer working digitally, you may want to save some items to your device or "pin" them on Pinterest.

TUES 8/26- WED 8/27 | Step Three, Brainstorming
  • TUES- Presentation from Mr. Mallory on the purpose & methods of brainstorming
  • WED- "Studio Time" to continue research, brainstorm on your own or begin sketching

THUR 8/28- Representative from the Creative Center in Omaha

FRI 8/29 | Step Four, Sketching
Spend time creating several thumbnail sketches (as small as you like, but no bigger than 3x5 inches).

MON SEP 1 "FRIDAY CHECK-IN" | Mr. Mallory will meet with each student during class to review their individual progress, make sure you've been working on steps One thru Four for all for options, and discuss which 2 or 3 you'd like to drop and which 2 or 3 you'd like to keep pursuing.

NEXT WEEK (SEP 1-5) | You will advance to Step Five, Design Direction, where you'll have time developing a few of your sketched further. Then we'll have some Peer Feedback time where we'll meet either in groups or as a class to help give each other figure out how to start executing our comps and final projects.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Yearbook Tasks- Weeks of 8/21-8/25

Wanna earn some production points? Here are some things that need to get done:

  • Make a list of people who ordered 2013-14 books but haven't picked them up yet.
  • Hang sales posters in strategic places around campus
  • Make grid poster of Senior class
  • Stick ReplayIt cards in lockers
  • Tag photos on yearbookavenue.jostens.com, esp. Softball
  • Nag Seniors to submit their Senior pictures
  • like/share Mr. Mallory's YB-Signing YouTube video
  • Have your friends sign yours, tell your friends to have each other sign theirs, encourage Freshmen, especially to come to the Art room to sign Mr. Mallory's
  • Take pictures at sports practices & just "student-life" pictures wherever
  • Start exploring/playing with yearbookavenue.jostens.com
  • Spread the word about ReplayIt.com
  • THINK ABOUT THEME IDEAS- which we'll decide next week
Monday I will provide you with order forms and ad contracts so that you can begin selling books & ads!

Seventh & Eighth Grade Art

  • Due Mon 8/25- Get for just this class either a spiral notebook or a sketchbook, whichever- which you will be able to use as an Art Journal or "Smashbook" (combined notes, sketches & scrapbook). 
  • Due Fri 8/22 for 7th and Mon 8/25 for 8th- "Four Questions," either in your Art Journal, or on your own paper, answer the following (include doodles or illustrations):
  1. What's the most powerful aroma you've ever been exposed to?
  2. What's your favorite noun to look at?
  3. What do you care most about?
  4. What can you do well?
  • Due Mon 8/25 (Just 7th Grade)- Notes/Diagram on/of the Four Art Disciplines discussed on Wed 8/20
Remember to turn Art assignments in to the yellow-box on the island, & don't forget to put your name on it! Thanks


  • Due Mon 8/25- Pre-Instructional Drawings
    • A Chair
    • Another person's face
    • A human (the whole person, not just their face)
    • A self-portrait (your own face)


  • Due Fri 8/22- Notes on "How to take Cornell notes."
  • Due Monday 8/25- Have each of these items just for Civics class; A 3 Ring binder for keeping & organizing notes in and a spiral note book (college ruled) for a "Civics Journal."
  • Due Fri 8/29- First two journal questions:
    • What do we all have in common?
    • What makes it "self-evident" that we're all "created equal?" In other words, what proves our equality?


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Creative Center Representative Visit

A rep from the Creative Center in Omaha will be visiting Commercial Art Class, 6th period on Thursday, August 28.

Other BV students interested in her presentation should see Mr. Marlin about getting a pass to the Art room from their other 6th period classes. I'd strongly encourage Drawing and Yearbook students to consider attending.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What you should be doing

Dig Photo April 2014

This Week (Apr 22-25)
  • Adjust/Edit an image in Photoshop (upload to Flickr, labeled as “PS Adjustment”)
  • Create a surreal “composite” image in Photoshop, using layers (upload to Flickr, labeled as “PS Composite”)

  • Adjust/Edit an image on Flickr using Aviary (re-label as “Fixed in Aviary”)
  • No less than 3 comments on classmates pictures in class group on Flickr; 1 using 4-Art Criticism Steps, 2 using PQP (Please send me a message on Flickr, telling me which pictures you commented on)

  • Shoot & Upload pictures for PORTFOLIO
  • Create a set on Flickr labeled “Portfolio,” place pictures in it
See http://digphoto.wikispaces.com/Portfolios for list of required photos

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Friday is the last day of the quarter. If you do not get your pictures uploaded to Flickr, you will not receive credit for them.

  • Selfie
  • Action/Sports
  • 4 Angles of View; Wide, Mid-Range, Close-up, Tight/Detail
  • Forced (distorted) Perspective
  • Macro
  • Depth of Field (selective focus)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Boyer Valley Photo Class

The medium is the message. Or "While my Cannon SX50-HS gently weeps."Prom2010 133Tells A StoryLandscape & Sky3Something that looks like it not
2013-04-19_10.16.31Tells a Story/Candid2013-04-19_10.14.042013-04-19_10.04.39

Boyer Valley Photo Class, a group on Flickr.

Photo Students, once you've joined Flickr, please remember to 1) Follow "Mal Dog" and 2) request to join our class group.

You should read chapter 1 over the weekend. And start shooting. You can work on ANY pictures that will end up in your portfolio or, work on your first assignment due next week-

SELF PORTRAIT- WHO ARE YOU? You are the cheapest model you'll ever hire! Everybody's always taking pictures of themselves on facebook. Can you do it without having your arm in the picture? Could you use a mirror? How about the self-timer on you camera? Take a series of pictures of yourself, but try to be original and creative and try to express something about yourself. Want examples? Here some of mine.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Eighth Grade Mission Statements

Civics students have been studying the concept of "guiding principles" to help them understand the principles found in the Preamble to the U.S.Constitution. The Preamble lists the goals and values our founders wanted to lead our government's decisions. After considering what values and beliefs they want to help them shape their own future, students were challenged to write their own "preambles;" personal mission statements. If they choose to, they may want to ask Mrs. McQueen to add these to their autobiography projects.

Below are just some of their finished mission statements:

I want to be able to expresi myself, be a person that someone admires, someone that speaks up for other people, meet my goals, be someone who is successful, have confidence and have confidence in myself that I can be successful to my goals. I want to be caring, helpful, kind like I am now still when I get older.

To live each day with purpose and meaning while treating everyone fairly. Attempt to value everyone's learning and hard work and make an effort to do the same.

I want people to think that I am a good business person, who is nice, who cares about people and everything that I do. I want to be an inspiration to others. I want people to look at me and say "because of you, I did not give up."

To be a respectful and caring person that will have a family and let them have rights. I will always love my parents.

I want to be a loyal, trustworthy, and caring person that people can count on.

I want to us my knowledge to express myself in my work and excel in life.

I will bring kindness, positivity & inspiration to everyone throughout the world no matter their race.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Follow this link to check out a collection of Mr. Mallory's picture sets based on the upcoming assignments you'll have in Digital Photography this semester.


Friday, January 10, 2014

Civics this week

Visit https://www.planbook.com to view weekly lesson plans, look for Boyer Valley, and enter password "maldog"

Chapter 3- The Constitution
Papers & Projects: Personal "Preamble" Project (Mission Statement) Due Friday Jan 17
Section review questions: 
  • Page 61 due Tues 1/14
  • Pp 67 & 62 due Fri 1/17

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY; Do this right away

Boyer Valley Digital Photography students-

Please register for a free Flickr account as soon as possible. http://www.flickr.com You will be uploading and managing your images there- that's where I will be able to find them in order to grade them or comment on them.

If you are planning on using an ipod touch, ipad, smart phone or tablet rather than or in addition to a camera, you should look for the free Flickr app and download it as soon as possible.

I recommend that you register using your school gmail account. While you could use yahoo or facebook, if you do, you will run into difficulties with the school's security blocks.

Once you've registered explore, get used to it, upload a few pictures you've already taken before this class that you're proud of, but please make sure that you take care of the two other things soon-

Look for me, "Mal Dog" and request to connect with me and look for the "Boyer Valley Photo Class" group and ask to join.

Are you getting the idea that there's a lot of digital to Digital Photography? Make sure you visit and bookmark our class wiki, http://digphoto.wikispaces.com because after all, all of our assignments and in fact, all our chapter tests are all already on there.

If you're interested, our textbook has a website its a good place to review- http://wps.prenhall.com/hss_london_ashortcour_6/30/7766/1988309.cw/-/t/index.html

We need to finally get moving, so I'm going to go ahead and administer our pretest tomorrow whether or not any or many more have joined the class. Friday we'll check out books & finally take a look at the syllabus & course overview. Thank you for your patience this week.

You may also be interested in-

ALL ART CLASSES; Get to know your 4FOURS!

CIVICS; Core Principles

We are going to be studying the Constitution in Chapter 3.

Last quarter we memorized the Preamble to the Constitution. The Preamble contains 6 principles which we
use to help us make decisions about how our government should work and what it should do.

Principles are goals or values you believe are so important that you base your behaviors and choices on them. They can give us purpose and direction.

Of course, you might also think of a principle as a concept or idea that seems to be so universal that its considered "natural law," like the law of gravity or other laws of physics. Many Social Scientists including most of the founding fathers thought that people tended to follow certain patterns, have certain needs and drives so much that they talked about them as "natural rights," because they believed these weren't just random patterns, but universal concepts (AKA principles).

To better understand the 6 principles in the Preamble to the Constitution, Civics students will spend some time considering what their own personal principles are. Once they have, they'll summarize them into a personal mission statement in our "Personal Preamble Project" due Friday, January 17.

The conceptual filter I'd like students to keep in mind both while their considering their own principles and while studying the 6 principles in the Preamble are the 3 Core Democratic Principles which we studied in the Declaration of Independence:

  • EQUALITY- "...that all men are created equal..."
  • HUMAN RIGHTS- "...and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights..."
  • THE SOCIAL CONTRACT- "...that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed..."
These thee principles would also be good filters when considering the concepts and principles contained in the amendments to the U.S. Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. Which we will be studying in Chapter 4.

Both our Rights and our Responsibilities (Social Contract) are essentially principles. Therefore, principles are what Civics is all about!


This week we are studying caption-writing. Check the class wiki for the study guide and module 12 activities worksheets. http://archive-yrbk.wikispaces.com/YB+012-+Caption+Writing

This quarter we'll still be working through the rest of our textbook, while of course working on the actual yearbook at yearbookavenue.jostens.com These are the modules we have left:

  • Captions
  • Editing
  • Photography
  • Typography
  • Layout Design
  • Graphics
Is there anything you can do for extra credit? Of course!
 1) work on layouts or tagging pictures on- the more time you log on yearbookavenue, the higher your production grade and 
2) KEEP SELLING ADS AND BOOKS! Books are still just $42 until March 2, then they go up to $50!