Monday, November 4, 2013

Mallory Sub-Lessons Mon. Nov. 4, 2013

1- Civics (Room 203)
2- Civics
Students should complete the Current Events Worksheet (on desk) by the end of the hour. Newspapers should arrive before the beginning of 1st period. When finished, have them put their assignment in the purple tray in the front of the room.

Please have students return graded assignments. There is a stack for each period in front of the purple trays at the front of the room. Please remind students to check the red tray for assignments without names on them.

3- Drawing (room 219)
Have students complete a self-critique form (on the island-counter) for their knee drawings in their sketchbooks. Have them put the critique-sheets in the yellow tray on the island when they’re finished.

Then, they should read the directions in their textbooks on pages 146-151 before drawing two “sighting” perspective drawings; 1) Of one of the doorways in the classroom (facing a door, like shown on page 147) and 2) One of one of the corners of the room (like the one shown on page 149) Both drawings will be in their sketchbooks. They will only have about a day for each- they are both due on Wednesday.

4- Free Period

D.E.A.R. Time: 11:46-12:12

5- 7th Grade Art
Students should continue working on their Jose Posada/Dia de Los Muertos calavaras (skeleton) scratch-art cartoons (on island).

6- Painting
Students should complete self-critique forms about their color-field paintings (hung above the white-board) when they’re completed, they should put them in the yellow tray on the island.

Then, they should try completing the color theory crossword puzzles (on island). They may help each other if they need it. They should turn these into the yellow box when they’re finished too, although these aren’t due until tomorrow.  

If/When they are finished with both of those,, they may work on their watercolor color wheel paintings,  if they didn’t finish last Thursday. Those who paint need to be sure to clean up the last 5 minutes of class.

7- 8th Grade Art
Students will continue working on the Surrealist paintings they began on Thursday. The directions can be found on pp.262-263 of their textbooks. Please make sure that they clean-up the last 5 minutes of the class period.

8- Yearbook
Yearbook II & III Students ( Jasmine, Jade, Franklin, & Shelby) should be working on layouts on, may use this time as a studyhall, or may “coach” (help) YrBk I students.

Yearbook I students should work on Activity 5.3 and 5.4 (they have the directions). Scissors and glue are in tubs in the second cabinet from the wall on the South side of the Art Room. Magazines are in the drawers under the windows along the East side of the room. Have students glue and label their verbal clips (Activity 5.3) onto yellow paper and their visual clips (Activity 5.4) onto blue paper. (I will have stacks on the island for you). YrBk I students may also use textbooks (on island by the blue crate) to  complete Activity 5.2.

Please have them clean up at the end of the hour. If they finish 5.3&4, make sure they put their names on them and they  may turn them in to the yellow tray. If they don’t finish, they will have time tommorow.