Wednesday, December 4, 2013


  • Read pp.2-4 of Iowa History article, answer questions about reading on handout (on desk in back of room) due at end of class.
  • Iowa Crossword puzzle due Monday

  • Read directions on pp.181-187
  • Take turns posing & drawing profiles of classmates into sketchbooks

PER 4- Planning period

PER 5 7th GR ART- 
  • DEAR time (silent reading, many will go to Kathy Marsh's room), 11:52-12:12
  • Complete self-critiques & aesthetic scans (will be on island counter) of recently finished oil pastel self-portraits (hung to left of board). Due at end of class period, turn into yellow box.

PER 6 PAINTING- Watch videos on Grant Wood and Edward Hopper, complete Venn diagram comparing/contrasting the two artists.

Go to this Website on laptop (have student turn on projector if you need it.

If you want & there's time, you may show video on Jackson Pollack too.

PER 7 8th GR ART- Read pp. 248-251 in textbook & answer questions 1-6 on p. 251. Due at end of class period, put in yellow box.

PER 8 YEARBOOK- Go to North Lab; Students may work on any of the following:
  • Layouts on
  • "Tag" pictures in Image Gallery (esp. Girls BB & Drill, just uploaded)
  • Work on stories due next Tuesday
  • Work on Activities 9.1-4 (which will help them prepare stories)
  • Study for Module 9 Test (which will be either Mon or Tues, not Fri as planned)
NOTE TO EDITORIAL TEAM Jasmine/Franklin/Shelby/Jade- 
  • 2 more Sr. Portraits uploaded yesterday
  • Rock-n-Prevention and Book Club pictures uploaded (need to add pages to ladder?)
  • Great job on cover- its in the mail.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mallory Sub-Lessons Mon. Nov. 4, 2013

1- Civics (Room 203)
2- Civics
Students should complete the Current Events Worksheet (on desk) by the end of the hour. Newspapers should arrive before the beginning of 1st period. When finished, have them put their assignment in the purple tray in the front of the room.

Please have students return graded assignments. There is a stack for each period in front of the purple trays at the front of the room. Please remind students to check the red tray for assignments without names on them.

3- Drawing (room 219)
Have students complete a self-critique form (on the island-counter) for their knee drawings in their sketchbooks. Have them put the critique-sheets in the yellow tray on the island when they’re finished.

Then, they should read the directions in their textbooks on pages 146-151 before drawing two “sighting” perspective drawings; 1) Of one of the doorways in the classroom (facing a door, like shown on page 147) and 2) One of one of the corners of the room (like the one shown on page 149) Both drawings will be in their sketchbooks. They will only have about a day for each- they are both due on Wednesday.

4- Free Period

D.E.A.R. Time: 11:46-12:12

5- 7th Grade Art
Students should continue working on their Jose Posada/Dia de Los Muertos calavaras (skeleton) scratch-art cartoons (on island).

6- Painting
Students should complete self-critique forms about their color-field paintings (hung above the white-board) when they’re completed, they should put them in the yellow tray on the island.

Then, they should try completing the color theory crossword puzzles (on island). They may help each other if they need it. They should turn these into the yellow box when they’re finished too, although these aren’t due until tomorrow.  

If/When they are finished with both of those,, they may work on their watercolor color wheel paintings,  if they didn’t finish last Thursday. Those who paint need to be sure to clean up the last 5 minutes of class.

7- 8th Grade Art
Students will continue working on the Surrealist paintings they began on Thursday. The directions can be found on pp.262-263 of their textbooks. Please make sure that they clean-up the last 5 minutes of the class period.

8- Yearbook
Yearbook II & III Students ( Jasmine, Jade, Franklin, & Shelby) should be working on layouts on, may use this time as a studyhall, or may “coach” (help) YrBk I students.

Yearbook I students should work on Activity 5.3 and 5.4 (they have the directions). Scissors and glue are in tubs in the second cabinet from the wall on the South side of the Art Room. Magazines are in the drawers under the windows along the East side of the room. Have students glue and label their verbal clips (Activity 5.3) onto yellow paper and their visual clips (Activity 5.4) onto blue paper. (I will have stacks on the island for you). YrBk I students may also use textbooks (on island by the blue crate) to  complete Activity 5.2.

Please have them clean up at the end of the hour. If they finish 5.3&4, make sure they put their names on them and they  may turn them in to the yellow tray. If they don’t finish, they will have time tommorow.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Big 3

Eighth graders, how can I get you to remember these? The 3 principles of democracy found in the Declaration of Independence. Know them, live them, BE them.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Adopt Our Art Room

Art students often wish we had more money for more (or better) art supplies & resources. Here's a way we can reach out for help. provides a way for people to help our Art program! Please look it over and consider how you can help. Please also pass this along to anyone you think would be willing and able to make a donation! Thank You.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Take It Outside Art Contest

Sponsored by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources invites you to enroll your class in our third annual “Take It Outside” Art Contest — win prizes that will get you and your students involved in outdoor activities.

This year's art contest will focus on natural places — from prairies and forests to lakes and streams. Natural places can be public — like national wildlife refuges; state, county and city parks and recreation areas; school grounds. They can be smaller and private — backyards, vacant lots. Regardless of size or location, special places connect us to the outdoors. Where is your favorite place to "take it outside?" How do you enjoy your special natural area? Do you hike? Fish? Paddle? Turn over logs? Stare at the sky?

Students are encouraged to use their artistic skills to create an image that shows them "Taking it Outside" in their favorite natural place (prairie, timber, pond, lake, stream, river, marsh - even their backyard or vacant lot). Be sure they show what makes the place special for them.

For complete details, check out the Contest Rules.

Winning entries will receive prizes and be used for upcoming promotions and displayed at the DNR building during the Iowa State Fair. Participating schools will be entered into a drawing to receive a grant (total of 4 grants awarded) for a natural resources-based recreation experience at a local outdoor recreation area.

Register Your Class
Fill out and submit our electronic teacher registration form by February 1.

Judging Categories
  • Category I – Kindergarten-Grade 2 (hand-drawn)
  • Category II – Grades 3-5 (hand-drawn)
  • Category III – Grades 6-8 (hand-drawn)
  • Category IV – Grades 9-12 (hand-drawn)
Entry Requirements
· All entries must include completed student entry form.
· All artwork must be original, hand-drawn work.
· Photographs or computer-generated artwork will not be accepted.
· Acceptable media are paint, pencil, markers, ink, crayon, and chalk or pastel.
· Drawing must be created on an 8 ½ x 11 single sheet of white paper.
· Do not mat, mount, laminate, frame or fold artwork.

Entry Deadline
All entries must be postmarked by March 1, 2014. Late entries will not be considered.

If you have any questions about the Contest, contact the Aquatic Education Program
at 641/747-2200 or by email

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Art Shows

Like art? Like the Loess Hills? Visit the Cultural Center in Moorhead Iowa and enjoy their "Celebrate the Hills" art exhibit between now and October 28th. Bring your parents & friends.

This show includes oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings by local artists. This year's is one of the biggest shows they've had in years. The participants have captured the spirit of the hills and depict natural landscapes at all times of year.

Start painting, because they have plans to add a youth category next year, so that you'll be able to enter your own artworks in the exhibit.

In the Spring, the Center features a Prose, Poetry & Photography Competition. They'd love to have you visit, and to participate!

Last Spring, Boyer Valley English teacher Kris Johnson helped judge the poetry & photography show and last month, BV Art teacher Ted Mallory adjudicated the 2013 art show. See what he considered prize worthy and cast your own vote for the "people's choice awards."

To learn more about the Moorhead Cultural Center, or to find out how to participate in the upcoming Poetry & Photography show, or next year's Celebrate the Loess Hills art show, call Carolyn Archer at (712) 886-5415 or Phyllis Easton at (712) 886-5114

Monday, October 7, 2013

YRBK STAFF; YB Cover Photo Assignment

Between now and Monday, Oct 14-

Please take the best, most creative, most expressive, most well-composed pictures you can of the following subjects:
1. The town of Dunlap
2. The Boyer Valley school building
3. The countryside around Dunlap or Dow City

You can upload them to or, or email it directly to me
I will put all the entries in a folder on yearbookavenue in our image library and we will discuss & decide together next week, which one(s) will be used on the cover of the 2013-14 Archive. The rest will be able to be used on the inside of the book, maybe as backgrounds or the endsheets, and/or on the school website.

You get credit for submitting pictures, the person who takes the picture we use will also get extra-credit.

Get shooting!

PS- Don't forget to try to sell at least one book per day this week, National Yearbook Week! And don't forget to order your own!

PPS- Don't forget to keep trying to sell ads too!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


  • SENIORS: Please finish your Senior Yearbook Questionnaires and return them to Jasmine or Mr. Mallory as soon as possible. 
  • The Senior portrait deadline is November 20. Check the poster by the Art room to see if you've turned yours in. 
  • The deadline for having your name embossed or other customizations to your yearbook is March 18.
Pre-Order your 2013-14 Yearbook *soon to save money:
  1. Order by October 10 to get one for only $36.
  2. The price between October 11 and March 2 will be $42.
  3. Between March 3 and May 31 will be $50.
  4. If you don't pre-order, but wait till next Fall, they'll go up to $56!

See Mr. Mallory or any Archive staffer for an order form. Order now, pay later.You can even order online at!

If you didn't order a 2012-13 yearbook and still want one, we have plenty, for just $40. See Mr. Mallory or any Archive staff member.

Monday, September 23, 2013

7thGradeArt: Complements/Neutrals

Drawing Assignment

Please read & follow directions 1-15 for the "Modified Contour Drawing of Your Hand" found on pages 105-109 in out book.

We will work M-W in class & critique them on Thursday.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sub Plans Mon 9/9/13

PER 7- 8th Grade Art, Mr. Mallory will need to leave by 2:00pm

Student should finish work on their painting assignments or begin cleaning up. Students who are finished may begin working on Chapter Review Questions 1-20 on page 15 which will be due this Wednesday, Sept. 11. Students should expect a test over the elements and principles of design (Chapter 1) on Wednesday.

PER 8- Yearbook, Mr. Mallory will not be here at all for this class today.

Working in groups of 2-3, Students should complete Activity 22.3 in their Module 22 packets. They should use page 138 in their books to help them. Activities 1-4 will all be due this Thursday. The Module 22 test will also be this Thursday, not Friday- because we will not have class Friday due to Homecoming Decoration Day.

If/when they are finished with Activity 3, Students may use the lab computers or checkout laptops to work on the "On Deadline" Layout & Ad assignments. I recommend using either Photoshop or InDesign, but they may use MS Word, Corell Draw or any computer program or app they feel most comfortable with. They may ask more experienced students to help them if they need it.The revised due date for this assignment is now Monday, September 16.

Please hand back the Module 23 Tests to students (on the island counter). Thank You.

Monday, August 26, 2013

8thGradeArt; Elements & Principles of Design

  • Read pages 1-11 in our textbook.
  • Mon 8/26- in class, look for examples of ways you can demonstrate each of the elements of design in magazines and glue & label them in your "SmashBooks."
  • Due Tues 8/27- Check Your Understanding Questions 1-5 on page 5
  • Tues & Wed Read/Discuss/Notes on the Principles of Design (PP.8-11)
  • Due Thurs 8/29- Check for Understanding Questions 1-5 p.11

Sunday, August 25, 2013

YRBK; Ad Design Concept

Module 23; Advertising
Think you could come up with your own logo/trademark/brand?
Try using Photoshop or Correl Draw to design an image for a fictional company.
Then, turn it into a faux yearbook ad! Tentative deadline; Fri Sept 6, 2013

Aesthetic Scan

Click here to open as Google-Doc

Art Notes

Click here to open Art Notes Form as a Google-Doc

General Artwork Self-Critique

Especially valuable for extra-credit & Independent-Study students!
Click on the picture above to open it as a Google Doc.

Friday, August 23, 2013

PAINT: Due Dates

• Sketchbooks; hand sketch Mon 8/26
• Quiz; Hyperrealism notes Wed 8/29
• Painting; Macro Hyperrealistic Watercolor Thurs 8/30

PAINT: First Painting, Hyperrealism

Create a Macro Hyperrealistic Watercolor painting of a small object like some keys, a ring, or a pair of glasses. 

Follow these steps:
1) choose object
2) practice drawing at least 3X in your sketchbook
3) choose the best composition
4) lightly draw the outlines on a piece of watercolor paper
5) carefully paint only the background space
6) finally, paint your subject

Thursday, August 22, 2013

PAINTING NOTES- Hyperrealism

  • Photorealism, 1960s/70's
    • Rebelled against abstract art of the 50's and conceptual art of the 50's&60's (abstract expressionism, formalism, minimalism, op art, & pop art)
    • Straight forward, objective, mundane, banal, genre, every-day-life

  • Hyperrealism, 1990's/2000's
    • Socially Conscious, culture/politics/issues
    • Emotive; Invocative/Evocative/Provocative
    • Encourages viewrs to become voyeurs on situations that may make them feel uncomfortable
Hyperrealists Painters
  • Audrey Flack (b.1931)
  • Chuck Close (b.1940)
  • Richard Estes (b.1936)
  • Denis Peterson (b.1945)
  • Gottried Helnwein

Hyperrealists Sculptors
  • Ron Mueck (b.1958)
  • Duane Hanson (1925-1996)

PAINTING- "Pre-Test"Sketch

In your sketchbook: DUE Mon Aug 26-
Draw a picture of your hand as Photorealistically as you can. Use whatever (dry) media you'd like.

DRAWING- Pre Instructional Drawings

DUE Mon Aug. 28

  1. A Person (whole figure)
  2. A Face (other than your own)
  3. A Chair (ANY chair)
  4. A Self-Portrait (your own face)
  5. A Hand

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Boyer Valley | Send us your pictures!

Hey Bulldogs,

The 'Archive' 2013-14 Yearbook needs YOUR help.

We want to make this the best yearbook ever and we want to include every Bulldog in it.

But we (the YrBk Staff) can't be everywhere- so we're inviting you to send in YOUR pictures of the upcoming school year. Clubs, Sports, Daily Life as a Bulldog.

Join for free and upload your pictures of life at Boyer valley as soon as you take them! Then order a yearbook and you'll get a digital time capsule of your year too.

RePlayIt also has a FREE app, so that you can upload your pictures to us straight from you phone! 

If  ReplayIt's not for you, PLEASE send us any pictures that you take ANYWAY.

PLEASE let you Coaches, Sponsors/Advisors & your Parents & Friends know that we need THEIR pictures too !
  • Join (see reverse side of this flyer)
  • Email them to
  • Bring your camera, memory card, flash drive, or CD to the Art Room for a quick download.

See you next week. Help us make it the best yearbook ever. Make it the best year ever!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mr. Mallory's Sub Lessons for Monday, May 13

Periods 1-2 CIVICS- Gone to Des Moines

Period 3 DIG PHOTOGRAPHY- Group Analysis; I will have packets and group assignments on my counter for you. 
  1. Have students read the "Analyzing Photographs" hand out and discuss it quietly in their groups. 
  2. Once they've read the worksheet, they should examine the image they are analyzing closely, discuss it, 
  3. Then, (using the Elements and Principles worksheets) each group should write a one page description (75-250 words) of the subject and sensory elements. 
  4. Each group should ALSO write a one page (75-250 word) ANALYSIS of the image's design & composition.
These should be done by or before class on Wednesday. Wednesday, students will be given additional handouts to help them discuss & write reflective interpretations and technical assessments of their images. Each group will use these 4 documents to teach the rest of the class about their images & photographers on Thursday and Friday.

Please remind them that the post-test will be tomorrow (Tuesday May 14).

Period 4 Planning Period

Period 5- 7th GRADE ART-  11:52-12:12 is DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read)
Show students the Biography (VHS) video on Vincent Van Gogh (on counter), have them write down for themselves what they think are three most interesting or most important things about Van Gogh's life, his art, and his influence on future artists.

Period 6- CERAMICS- Students should take their Ceramics Final (post-test). They ARE allowed to use their notes, however they should sit apart from one another and not be allowed to talk. When they're finished, have them place them in the yellow pan on the counter. When they're finished, they should remain silent and may glaze, read, write, or do homework for other classes.

Period 7- 8th GRADE ART Guess What? Still Gone to Des Moines

Period 8- YEARBOOK- Please give the post-test Study Guides that I'll leave on the counter to Kary and Shelby and let them know that their "final" will be on Thursday (May 16). 
Other students should be working on finishing their pages!

Capitol/Des Moines Trip

8th Grade Field Trip 2013

On Monday, May 13, 2013 the 8th grade class will be taking a field trip to Des Moines. Our bus will be leaving as soon as the Dow City busses arrive at school around 8:20AM. Students who walk or get a ride to school should be sure to get to school at this time.

Our first stop will be to the State Capitol judged by many to be the most be one of the most beautiful state capitals in the nation. We have an 11:15AM tour planned which will take approximately seventy-five minutes. We then proceed to the Iowa Hall or Pride located near the Wells Fargo Arena and Veterans Auditorium. There we are schedules for a ninety minute tour beginning at 1:00PM.

Since our time is limited, I’m asking that everyone bring a sack lunch and plenty of snacks for the bus ride. If you want the school to provide a sack lunch, please let them know a few days ahead of time so that we can be prepared. We plan to eat our lunch at the West lawn of the State Capital.

We will not be back to Dunlap before the busses leave. We expect to arrive around 4:45-5:00PM. Students who live in and around Dow City will be dropped off at Dow City on our way back to Dunlap.

      Thank You,
     Mr. Mallory
     8th Grade Civics

Monday, April 29, 2013

Dig Photo Class Deadlines

  • Test over 'Important Bits' of Chapters 3-6, Fri May 3
  • Senior Portfolios Due, Mon May 6
  • Senior Post-Test (Final Exam), Wed May 8
  • Underclassmen Portfolios Due, Tues, May 14
  • Underclassman Final, Thurs May 16

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sub Lessons

Tuesday April 23
Periods 1-2|CIVICS- Collect 1-2 pg. 240 and 1-2 pg. 250, take class to lab to finish & print letters if not done yet. Hand-out/Assign- Gettysburg Address as Persuasive Essay worksheet (I will leave on desk with Ch 9 test for Friday)- DUE TOMORROW (Wed 4/24).
Period 3| Photography- Finish VIDEO; National geographic, The Photographers, remaining class time may be used either for Lab time (taking, editing, uploading pictures) or study hall. Please remind students to bring their books tomorrow (Wed.) we will begin a new chapter AND there will be a Ch. 7 test on Fri. Apr.26
4| Free Period
5| 7th Grade Art- Some 7th Graders have Study Hall today instead of Art, others have PE
6 Ceramics- Have students glaze face masks, slab pots, heads, & shoes.
7| 8th Grade Art- Students should continue working on the collage scenes which they began last Thursday (See “Studio Activity” on the top right corner of page 245 in the textbook for directions. Scissors & glue are in the cabinet by the TV.
8| Yearbook- Students should be working on page layouts on, some students may use this time as a study hall.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sub Lessons

Monday April 22
Periods 1-2| CIVICS- Take students to the computer lab to write letter to public officials (See page 222 in textbook for directions). Please assign 1-2 pg. 240 and 1-2 pg. 250 DUE TOMORROW (Tue 4/16).
Period 3|Photography- Start VIDEO; National geographic, The Photographers
4| Free Period
5|7th Grade Art- Have students take the color theory test (open note) and the have them work on color-mixing worksheets, (I will leave on the island counter for you) using oil pastels. Make sure to have them start cleaning up beginning at 12:55pm
6| Ceramics- Have students glaze face masks, slab pots, heads, & shoes. Jesse Espinoza may use time as a study hall.
7|8th Grade Art- Students should continue working on the collage scenes which they began last Thursday (See “Studio Activity” on the top right corner of page 245 in the textbook for directions. Scissors & glue are in the cabinet by the TV.
8| Yearbook- Students should be working on page layouts on, some students may use this time as a study hall.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Sub Lessons

Friday April 19
Periods 1-2|CIVICS- Chapter 9 Post-Test (I’ll leave it on the desk in MS Civics room)
Period 3|Photography- “Lab-Day,” Student should continue/finish taking the 6 Angles/Studio Lighting shots which they began yesterday.
4|Free Period
5|7th Grade Art- 7th Graders have a field-trip today, so enjoy an extended free period!
6|Ceramics- Please take students to the computer lab to finish their Artwork Analysis Papers. This is the last day they will be able to work on them in class. They should print them and turn them in, to you.
7|8th Grade Art- 8th Graders have P.E. on Fridays, so enjoy the peace & quiet
8| Yearbook- Students should be working on page layouts on, some students may use this time as a study hall.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Cheer/Mascot Tryouts- Tryout Practices TUES MAY 7 & THUR MAY 9
Tryouts FRI MAY 10
Teacher Recommendation Sheets & Parental Permission Forms are due by/before Friday, May 3
Get your tryout packets from Mr. Mallory

Sports Necklaces- The Cheerleaders are selling paracord necklaces for $10 each. Check them out in the display case by the Art room & buy them from Mr. Mallory before or after school.

YEARBOOK DEADLINE- The deadline for name-imprinting and customization of yearbooks is April 18. Get yours ordered ASAP, see Mr. Mallory or any 'Archive' staffer today!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sorry for Spam

It looks like this blog may have been hacked. I apologize for any "spam" posts- especially if any have been inappropriate. I will check on my filters, set-ups and passwords to see if I can prevent it from happening again.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mallory Sub Lessons

Hi, I guess that neither my wife or in-laws are able to get our daughter Grace up to her appointment in Sioux City this afternoon at 4, so its up to me.

I want to get my Ceramics class started on a new project for the week, but I should probably try to take off by or before 1:30 (middle of 6th period).

Here are some lessons for whoever the sub is. 

6-Ceramics- I will get them started on their skull projects. They should work on their skulls, but if they need to, they may continue working on their shoes from last week, or glaze their other pots. There should not be anyone not working. Please have them clean-up about 1:40 or sooner. Thanks

7- Eighth Grade Art- Students should continue painting their Surrealist scenes. Tell them not to rush, but to do their best. They will have at least tomorrow to work on them too. Please remind them to clean & put away their brushes properly. Clean-up should start around 2:25

8- YEARBOOK-  Kary & Shelby; work on Module 18 worksheets due Thursday

Robert; please look at sold ads & build ads in photoshop to upload, or place ads on pages in yearbookavenue

Ashley & Taylor please work on Senior section.

Others; work on pages on yearbookavenue, help others work on their layouts, help Kary & Shelbby

Ted Mallory
Boyer Valley Community Schools
Challenging all students to meet their full potential 
Art | Yearbook | Cheerleading | Newsletter | Web Coordinator

School- 712-643-2258 Ext. 249
Cell- 712-269-5853


Friday, March 15, 2013

Photography; Chapter 8

  2. 08 Digital Photography- This is the Ch.8 page on the class wiki
  3. 08 Online Editing- Don''t have Photoshop? Use one of these to help you complete the editing assignments below
  4. 08 Store, Share, & Print- You're already using Flickr to store and view your pictures, but you need to get them printed for your portfolio. Try one/some of these sites to get what you need.

Chapter 8 Vocabulary Terms
  • Pixel
  • 0-255 grayscale/color values
    • 0= Pure Black/Hue
    • 128= Middle Gray/Tone
    • 255= Pure White
  • Levels (if you want to, it's good to also know channels, histograms, and curves- but since we're speeding through this, it's enough to know levels)
  • File types: (it's good to know TIFF, RAW, GIF, and PNG)
    • .psd (can only open in Photoshop)
    • .jpg aka .jpeg (make sure you "save as" this whenever you're done editing an image)
  • Layers (can't composite without it)
  • Retouching (spotting, dodging, burning, blurring, sharpening, red-eye, etc.)
  • Compositing

SHOOTING (actually, Editing/Enhancing) ASSIGNMENTS
 You should make sure that you use Photoshop to get each of the following assignments done for your portfolio AND uploaded to Flickr ASAP
  • Composite- Invent a new image or reinvent another one in Photoshop, be sure to utilize layers, selection tools, and a variety of retouch tools (see pp. 172-173). 
  • Retouching- Find an older or damaged print and "clean it up" in Photoshop. Please "save as" so that you can keep an original (untouched) version of the picture for comparison (see pp. 170-171). Should be subtle and professional. 
  •  Manipulation- Using Photoshop or some other image-editing tool to alter the image in an expressive or artistic manor. More than retouch, but less than composite. May include, but is not limited to blurred backgrounds, spot-color, desaturation. 
  • Collage/Montage- composite image made by putting together or assembling various smaller pictures to create a larger work- generally several shots are taken of the same subject and "sewn" together in Photoshop.

Ted Mallory
Boyer Valley Community Schools
Challenging all students to meet their full potential 
Art | Yearbook | Cheerleading | Newsletter | Web Coordinator

School- 712-643-2258 Ext. 249
Cell- 712-269-5853

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PHOTO CLASS; "The Photoreporters"

If you want to see a bunch of examples of 20th Century Photo Journalists that we've just been studying- especially if you want to fill out a photo-analysis (aesthetic scan) sheet or an art history sheet for EXTRA CREDIT- check out my board on Pinterest. I've pinned a ton of photos for you.

YrBk 2-2-2

Yearbook Staff,
Remember our 2-2-2 Campaign, staff. All 11 of you need to sell 2 ads and 2 books in 2 weeks. Last night I bought you some prizes. First person to sell their 2&2 gets first pick of 3 prizes. Whoever sells the most (more than just 2&2) in these 2 weeks gets the other 2 prizes.

PS- happy birthday Connor!

Monday, March 4, 2013


REMEMBER, the end of the quarter is almost upon us, therefore there will be a memorization quiz this Friday: Here's the text of the First Amendment
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

YEARBOOK: 'March AD-ness'

Here are three announcements that will start running tomorrow:

The Yearbook still needs Senior Pictures from the following: Rodolfo Arroyo, Adam Brungart, bobby Cave, Randi Fouts, Taylor Malone, Robert Ritterbush, Nicole Roberts, Renea Siemer, Ashley Thompson, and Robert Willis. Please get a picture to us by the end of March or we may have to use your Lifetouch picture in the yearbook.

ORDER YOUR YEARBOOK Before St. Patrick's Day and Save Some Green! Order from any Yearbook Staffer before Friday, March 15 and receive $2 off! Or, get your parents to order online for $6 cheaper! Get an order form from any Archive staffer today: Jade Allard, Frank Davis, Connor Green, Shelby Kline, Kemeren Park, Taylor Malone, Jasmine Riley, Kary Rodriguez, Ashley Thompson, or Robert Willis. 
Get YOUR pictures in the Yearbook! Join for free. Look for the free RePlayIt app from Jostens or look for on the web. Register with Boyer Valley as your school and you'll be able to submit pictures for us to use in this year's yearbook. You'll also get free access to tons of pictures of you and your friends from this school year. Make it YOUR yearbook. We need YOUR help. Register for free and start sending your pictures this week.

Yearbook Staffers, Here are some of our goals for this month-

  • 2:2:2- Every staffer sells 2 Ads and 2 PreOrders in the next 2 weeks! You can do this! 
  • Make & hang posters for the halls encouraging kids to order yearbooks (everyone).
  • Address & Stuff envelopes for a direct mail campaign to sell ads (Robert, Jasmine, & anyone who wants to join them)
  • Finish-up & submit Page Groups 2, 3, 4, & 5 (I'll work on proofing/editing Group 2, you guys work on getting pages 17-46 done)
  • Build layouts for Winter sports pages; 42-43 BBB, 44-45 GBB, 46-47 Cheer, 48 HS Wresting
  • Shoot, beg, borrow, or otherwise procure pictures of clubs, organizations, activities, teams and sports; MS StuCo, SciClub, QuizBowl, Voice, FCCLA, MS Sports, MS/HS Wrestling

PHOTO; Pictures Due/Overdue

Comment on at least 3 classmate's pictures
Comment on the images of classmates in our class’ flickr group-pool by no later than Monday, March 4.
1) Use PQP Method for one
2) Use the 4-Step Art Criticism Method for another
3) Comment your own way on a third
Dig.Photo Shooting Assignments
The following images should be uploaded to your flickr stream and added to our class’ group-pool by no later than Friday, March 1.
4 Angles of View (see pp.30-31)

1) Wide Angel (3/3)
2) Mid-Range (2/3)
3) Close-Up (1/3)
4) Tight (detail)

Distorted Perspective Close-Up (see pp.36-37)
Deliberate Shallow Depth-of-Field (read page 40, and pp.42-45)
Macro (Read pp. 38-39 & 48-49)
Take some landscape or townscape pictures using the Rule-of-Thirds
Take some pictures using "Leading Lines."
Framing Subjects (see pp. 182-183)