Thursday, February 23, 2012

YB Staff, Please Sell to these Businesses

Dunlap Businesses that haven’t bought
Yearbook Ads yet (as of Feb 22, 2012)

o    Alegent Health Care
o    Buffalo Club
o    Boyer Valley Car Wash
o    Cogdill Farm Supply
o    CPS
o    Dunham Hardwoods
o    Dunlap Golf Club
o    Dunlap Livestock
o    Fouts Funeral  Homes
o    Gold Slipper
o    Heller Implement
o    Solisbury Hill Furniture
o    Sullivan Supply
o    Wendt’s Pots & Posies

Thursday, February 16, 2012

DIG.PHOTO- Shooting Assignments

Hey Shooters, 
If you haven't taken all of these pictures or if you haven't gotten all of your photos up onto Flickr, please take advantage of the 4 day weekend to do so. I will be looking through the pictures you have uploaded, and posting some comments for you. Next week (Tues 2/21) we're going to learn about how to give each other feedback, then I'll give you class time to post your own comments on each other's pictures (for a grade).

Since we've got a few days off from school, you might also consider working ahead on taking pictures that you can use in your portfolio-

Have a Great Presidents' Day!

Potpourri JAN 20
 Self Portrait JAN 20

Ch.1- Shutter-Speed & Exposure
 Sports/Action JAN 30

Ch.2- Lenses and Angle-of-View
 4-Views (Wide, Mid, Close, Tight) FEB13
 Distorted Perspective FEB13
 Depth-of-Field FEB13
 Macro FEB13

 Landscape/Townscape (using Rule of Thirds) FEB 21
 Leading Lines FEB 21
 Framing FEB 21
 Variety of Point of View (POV) FEB 21

This is for Claire

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012



  • Potpourri
  • Self-Portrait
  • Action/Sports
  • "Zoom, zoom" (4 views):
    1. Wide Range
    2. Mid-Range
    3. Close-Up
    4. Tight (Detail)
  • Depth-of-Field
  • Distorted-Perspective
  • Macro

Thursday, February 9, 2012

BV Basketball Playoffs Schedules

  • GIRLS Thur, Feb 9 7:00pm @ Dunlap v. Wst Har
  • GIRLS Tues, Feb 14 7:00pm @ Westside, v. either Woodbine or ArWeVa
  • BOYS Thurs 02/16 at 7:00pm at Boyer Valley, Dunlap v. either Wst Har or AHST
  • GIRLS Fri Feb 17 7:00pm 7:00pm @ Harlan, v. TBA
  • GIRLS Mon Feb 20 7:00pm @ Underwood, v. TBA
  • BOYS Tues 02/21 at 7:00pm at TBA, v. either LoMa or Woodbine
  • BOYS Thurs 02/23 at 7:00pm at Maple Valley-Anthon-Oto, v. TBA
  • BOYS Sat 02/25 at 7:00pm at Council Bluffs, Abraham Lincoln, v. TBA

Alternatives to Google

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mallory Sub Lessons Fri Feb 3

Good morning, thank you for taking my classes today

1st & 2nd  Hour (CIVICS)
  • Hand out the Political Party Project (I will run copies off and put them on the desk in the Civics room). Students should (QUIETLY & ORDERLY) form groups to begin work on the project. There will be paper and markers there for creating posters.
  • 2nd hr., Chelsea Willis needs to make-up a test I will put a copy of it on the desk too). She may use her notes and work in the back room or go to a study hall.

3rd Hour (Photography)
Students should:
  • Watch the National geographic video "the Photographers" (already set up to go in the VCR).

4th Hour (MS Art)
  • 11:20-11:49 DEAR- Please have students read silently during DEAR time- no talking & no homework.
  • Today will be their last day to work with clay. They may create whatever they like, so long as it follows the rules. Please have them start cleaning up at 12:30 and place their projects anywhere on the island counter in the center of the room.
  • Please let Junior Ashley Thompson (Ind.Stud./Yearbook Editor) into the lab to work on layouts 

5th Hour (Planning Period)
Please let Senior Christian Leisinger (Ind.Stud./Yearbook Managing Editor) into the lab to work on layouts, check name spellings, or work on other homework.

6th Hour (CERAMICS)
Students will continue to work on their shoe sculptures, or they may finish glazing pots. Please remind them to leave their sculptures on the canvas/table and carefully cover them with plastic bags so that they won't dry out over the weekend.  Please make sure that they clean-up at 2:15 (put lids back on jars, return jars to boxes, wash out brushes & return them).

7th Hour (YEARBOOK) 
Students need to be working on layouts, writing headlines and captions, tagging (identifying) students in pictures- or use this time as a study hall for other classes. No games and no leaving the room. Remind them that they need to work on yearbook 5 days for an 'A' four for a 'B' three for a 'C' and at least two for a 'D.'

Thank you.

Ted Mallory
Boyer Valley Community Schools
Challenging all students to meet their full potential 
Art | Yearbook | Cheerleading | Newsletter | Web Coordinator

School- 712-643-2258 Ext. 249
Cell- 712-269-5853

Student Cyber Survey- post your answers as comments, or just think about them.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Political Map?

No, read it carefully- this is NOT really a political map. But it's pretty interesting to compare this map with the county-by-county map of the Presidential 2008 election results below. In the map below, blue counties voted for Democrat, Illinois Senator Barrack Obama and red counties voted for Republican Arizona Senator John McCain. Do you think that regional culture may have an effect on political preferences?

Responsible, Respectful, & Fun to be Around

The following is something that I'm developing for all of my classes. I began the school year with something similar to this in my 8th grade Civics classes. Recently we've had some trouble getting along well in some of my other classes, so I felt the need to address issues of classroom behavior. Other teachers and/or psychologists and counselors may recognize the influence of Dr. William Glasser's "control theory," and Jim and Dr. Charles Fay's "love and logic" concepts.

People who learn how to meet these needs without depriving others of opportunities to have their needs met are considered "responsible." If you either can't get these needs met at all, or are constantly tying to meet your own needs with no regard for anybody else's are pretty much "irresponsible."

If I tell you that you've been "responsible" or "irresponsible," you'll know that your classroom behavior has been helpful, positive, productive, constructive and contributing (responsible), or distracting, disruptive, inappropriate or destructive (irresponsible).

When you're irresponsible, it will be harder for you to meet your own needs. Irresponsible behavior makes it harder for the rest of us to get our needs met. You forfeit meaningful connections when you behave irresponsibly.

You are responsible for your own learning, your homework, your performance on tests and quizzes and ultimately for your own grade. Not completing assignments, not turning them in, and not studying are irresponsible. Responsibility will help you adjust to high school and college. Responsibility will help you succeed in life.

Response-Able- another thing to consider about responsibility is that none of us can really control anyone else besides ourselves. The only one you can really control is yourself. If you are able to control your responses, how you react to the way others treat you or behave toward you, you will have shown maturity. If you try to get-even or get-back at someone who mistreats you, the situation will only escalate and get worse. Half the time, when a bully tries to provoke you, they're looking for a reaction. When you over-react, you give them power and forfeit your own.

We need to refrain from interfering with other people's projects, we need to value, honor, or esteem every member of the classroom as someone entitled to just as much dignity as ourselves and we need to recognize that everyone else in the room has the same needs and rights that we do.

What should we respect?
Respect THINGS:

  1. Private Property- other people's Ceramics projects, their clothing, books, bags, etc.
  2. Public Property- WE ALL SHARE THINGS like the supplies, the clay, tools, glazes, brushes, paper, canvas, sinks etc. If any one person mistreats or abuses them, everyone suffers.

Respect PEOPLE:

  1. Respect YOURSELF- The way that you behave sends an unconscious signal to everyone about how you feel about yourself and how you believe you deserve to be treated. If you bully others, are impolite, or insensitive- you're basically telling everyone that YOU don't deserve dignity, kindness, manors, ore respect.
  2. Respect CLASSMATES- Everyone in the room has feelings, a history and a future. Everyone in the room has pretty much the same rights and needs that you do. They need to be accepted, they need to be useful, they need to be safe, they need to have fun, they need to be able to make decisions for themselves and they need to have some impact or influence on others. When you trample other people's rights and needs, you endanger your own rights. As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "injustice ANYwhere is a threat to justice EVERYwhere." In other words, treat others the way you expect to be treated.
  3. Respect MR. MALLORY- Even if you genuinely believe in "Anarchy," the absence or denial of any authority or established order as a political philosophy, you must concede two things; 1) that I am a human being and have the same needs and rights that you do as individuals (see "respect for CLASSMATES" above) and 2) that as the trained and experienced expert in Art as an academic discipline, you NEED to give me your attention and deference at times so that I can effectively facilitate your learning. In other words, for all of us to learn, you need to listen and follow directions. I'm here to teach you and help you, but I can't do that without your cooperation.

My hope is to foster a CULTURE that is creative and constructive. We want to be able to experiment and express ourselves, but we want to do that in a way that promotes learning and improving our knowledge, understanding and skills development. In order to best support these two values of creativity and building one another up, we need to maintain a certain climate.

I want the Art Room to have a CLIMATE that is safe, supportive and positive. For this to happen, we must consider the needs and rights of others, not just our own. We must respect each other and each other's personal property and the classroom/commonly-held or "public" property that we all share.

It may be "fun" for someone to bully others, but it's probably not fun for others to be around them. Generally, "irresponsible" people are not fun to be around.

You can help improve our school's climate by respecting others, supporting others, and being as positive as you can. Martin Luther King Jr. also said that "Most people ... are thermometers that record or register the temperature of majority of opinion, not thermostats that transform or regulate the temperature of society."

When you react to how people mistreat you or to "get-back" at someone, you're being a thermometer- just reflecting what goes on at your school. But if you either proactively do things to support or improve the climate, you set the tone like a thermostat sets the temperature!

Again, it's RESPONSIBLE to try to meet your needs and exercising your rights, while also respecting the needs and rights of others. It's IRRESPONSIBLE to disregard or even VIOLATE the rights and needs of others while selfishly thinking only of your own needs and rights.