Monday, March 23, 2015

Take Increased Devotion...

Here's the portion of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address which you're responsible for memorizing before the end of Fourth Quarter in May. You can also follow the link below to a text version on our class wiki.

  • Ask yourself, what is the unfinished work Lincoln wants us to be dedicated to?
  • What is the great task remaining before us?
  • What would it mean for us to take increased devotion to their cause?
  • What does Lincoln's of, by & for at the end have to do with the three principles Jefferson included in the Declaration, which we've been studying this year?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Substitute Lesson Plans for WED MAR 4

1&2 | CIVICS: Student have essays assigned in goole classroom. They may use their notes and should write the entire class period. Essays should be done by the end of the hour.

3 | PAINTING: Students should work on Abstracted-Facet Self Portraits. Please have them clean up with 5 minutes left in the period.


6 | WEB PROGRAMMING: Students have an online test over "Dreamweaver 8; Tutorial 2," I will post a link to the test on our google classroom page. They may use their notes. When they are finished, they may resume working on the Client Project Websites they are building which are due on Friday.


5 | 7th Grade ART: DEAR Time (silent reading 11:49-12:12pm. Students should complete the "Neutralizing scales" in oil pastels which I will have on the island counter, When they are finished, they  may "free-paint" with the oil pastels on scrap paper. Please have them clean-up/return supplies to the box in the last 5 minutes of class.

7 | 8th Grade ART: Students should continue working on their on Edward Hopper Painting, as with all Art classes, please remind them to clean up in the last 5 minutes of class.

8 | YEARBOOK: Remind Yearbook Staffers to please work on pages at least 3 Days this week, otherwise use their time wisely as a study hall.