Wednesday, December 4, 2013


  • Read pp.2-4 of Iowa History article, answer questions about reading on handout (on desk in back of room) due at end of class.
  • Iowa Crossword puzzle due Monday

  • Read directions on pp.181-187
  • Take turns posing & drawing profiles of classmates into sketchbooks

PER 4- Planning period

PER 5 7th GR ART- 
  • DEAR time (silent reading, many will go to Kathy Marsh's room), 11:52-12:12
  • Complete self-critiques & aesthetic scans (will be on island counter) of recently finished oil pastel self-portraits (hung to left of board). Due at end of class period, turn into yellow box.

PER 6 PAINTING- Watch videos on Grant Wood and Edward Hopper, complete Venn diagram comparing/contrasting the two artists.

Go to this Website on laptop (have student turn on projector if you need it.

If you want & there's time, you may show video on Jackson Pollack too.

PER 7 8th GR ART- Read pp. 248-251 in textbook & answer questions 1-6 on p. 251. Due at end of class period, put in yellow box.

PER 8 YEARBOOK- Go to North Lab; Students may work on any of the following:
  • Layouts on
  • "Tag" pictures in Image Gallery (esp. Girls BB & Drill, just uploaded)
  • Work on stories due next Tuesday
  • Work on Activities 9.1-4 (which will help them prepare stories)
  • Study for Module 9 Test (which will be either Mon or Tues, not Fri as planned)
NOTE TO EDITORIAL TEAM Jasmine/Franklin/Shelby/Jade- 
  • 2 more Sr. Portraits uploaded yesterday
  • Rock-n-Prevention and Book Club pictures uploaded (need to add pages to ladder?)
  • Great job on cover- its in the mail.