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YEARBOOK- Money Grade

archive-yrbk - Money Grade
Click on the link above to review the components of your "Money Grade" on our class Wiki.

Sell at least 20 ads of any sizeLast year, Business students sold 73 ads! Can we beat them?Let's make it our goal to sell 100!Full color ads to either a business, parent, or NPO

Sell at least 10 2011-12 Yearbook Pre-Orders
Still just $36, for the past 10 years!!!

Sell at least 8 "Old School" Yearbooks
2010-11, & 2009-10 Still just $36!!!2008-09 Down to only $30!
2007-08 Slashed to a mere $25!!! (Are we CRAZY?!?!)
2006-07, 2005-06 $25
1978-2005 $25 (While supplies last)

DRAWING; Pre-Instructional Drawings


  • Study Guide for Preface/Introduction to Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (DRSB).
  • Pre-Instructional Drawings (PID) of a chair
  • PID of a human figure
  • PID of someone else's face
  • PID of your own face

Painting Notes

Four Important Painting Terms-
  • Media: vehicle that carries pigment (color), such as linseed oil, acrylic, tempera, or watercolor
  • Genre: general classification for subject matters, such as landscape, portrait, still-life, etc.
  • Idiom: The "isms" in Art History, Impressionism, Expressionism. Modernism, Cubism, Surrealism, etc.
  • Exemplar: Artist or Painter used as an example of someone who painted in a given idiom. Claude Monet might be an exemplar for Impressionism, whereas Rene Magritte would be for Surrealism.

This Week In Photography

Katie & Ally will probably wind up dealing with some of these during class time Wed & Fri- but here's what I'm hoping you'll cover this week on your own. I know it LOOKS like a lot, but don't let it scare you. Most of it is pretty easy.

*Please take a look at the Wiki about your Portfolio,
These are pictures you'll be working on all year long anyway, but the final portfolio will be a major portion of your grade. No need to worry about having ALL of this done this week.

*Due each Friday: Each week I'd like you to find a picture to look at and comment on. You'll find links to great pictures and a worksheet to fill out, here:

*Copy down the notes on the Slide Show you'll find on the following page:
NEXT WEEK, I will ask you to take an online quiz over these notes. (unless you're feeling ambitious and want to take it sooner, that's up to you)

*Sometime this week, please take a look at the video on this last page I'm giving you a link to:
Answer the questions about that video. These are also due this Friday.

*SHOOTING ASSIGNMENT- your first assignment is to shoot your own self portrait! This isn't due uploaded to Flickr until, Thurs Aug 1st. But please answer the question on this page:

WHO ARE YOU? You are the cheapest model you'll ever hire! Everybody's always taking pictures of themselves on facebook. Can you do it without having your arm in the picture? Could you use a mirror? How about the self-timer on you camera?  Take a series of pictures of yourself, but try to be original and creative and try to express something about yourself. 

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