Wednesday, November 30, 2011

PHOTO CLASS; Final Stretch

Online test and shooting assignments DUE FRI DEC.9

Read over Chapt.9

But also take into consideration, and try to take pictures that express meaning,
to help you figure out how, take a look at this

Otherwise, keep working on any make-up work, and your portfolios
between now and Dec.21 when we're done with the semester!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Homework this week

  • ID Terms 1-7 p.96 due Tues Nov. 29
  • Main Ideas 1,3,5,&7 p.96/97 due Wed. Nov. 30
  • Main Ideas 2, 4,6,&8 p.96/97 due Thurs. Dec. 1
Chapter 3 Post-Test Friday, Dec. 2
Have the Preamble memorized by then too!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Civics between now and Thanksgiving break

Chapter 2 RE-Test
Not many students earned B's or C's on the Chapter 2 Post-Test, there were mostly either A's or F's. So, I devised a re-test. Students with below 80's on the post-test who earn better on the re-test, will have their two grades averaged together. Students who "aced" the Ch.2 Post will receive extra-credit for their performance on the re-test.

Chapt. 2 RE-Test Students took this on Tues. Nov. 15, the same day they took the Ch. 3 PRE-Test.

Current Events

Chapter Test

Chapter 1 Notes
  • Ch.3 Section 1 Notes Outline
  • Ch.3 Section 2 Notes Outline
    Be sure to check the Class Wiki for links to these worksheets once they're uploaded
  • Ch.3 Section 3 Notes Outline
  • Ch.3 Section 4 Notes Outline

Review Questions
  • 1-4 p. 61 due Wed. Nov. 16
  • 1-3 p. 67 and 1-2 p.62 due Thur. Nov. 17
  • 1-4 p. 90 due Fri. Nov. 18
  • 1-4 p. 91 due Tues Nov. 22
  • 1-2 p.95 and 1-3 Analyzing Visuals p.97 due Wed Nov.23

Facing Forward: Portrait Drawing with Ease

See fig. 9-5 on pg. 166. Drawn on a mirror with an overhead marker, then traced onto paper.
See fig. 9-5 on pg. 166. Drawn on a mirror with an overhead marker, then traced onto paper.
Read Chapter 9, pp.162-191

  • Make you "test for yourself:" fig.9-1, 9-2, 9-3, 9-4 & 9-5
  • Read pp.167-172
Draw in your sketchbook:
  • "Drawing a blank to see better than ever" pp.168-169 (take a look at fig.10-24 on pg.212)
  • "Drawing another blank and getting a line on the profile" pp.173-177
    (be sure to look at Fig.9-12 on pg.170)
  • "A Warm Up Exercise" pp.178-180 (Sargent on p.179)
Profile of student (Crystal Deemer), 2006
Profile of student (Crystal Deemer), 2006
18x24 Newsprint with 2in margin
  • "Now, the real thing: A profile portrait of a person" pp.181-189

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mallory Sub Lessons Thurs Nov. 10

Good morning, thank you for taking my classes today, Annamarie ,age 6, has the flu ):

1st & 2nd  Hour (CIVICS)
1) Have students write down the 2nd Paragraph of the Declaration for memory & turn it in ("We hold these truths...")
2) Have students complete the notes-outline for section 4 (see attached, please make copies- just 18 because one of the two sections already have copies)
3) Study quietly for the chapter post-test tomorrow

3rd Hour (DRAWING)
Students should work silently on their drawings of the hallways. (Sorry, this requires you to circulate through the halls supervising them). Those who are finished should stay in the classroom and work on homework from other classes, read, or free-draw in their sketchbooks.

4th Hour (MS Art)
7th graders have study hall with Brad Brunning on Thursdays (Art is only M,W,F) so enjoy a free period.

5th Hour (IND STUD)
Painting student Makayla Carter will be working on a backdrop for the Drill Squad. Photography students only come on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, so you'll probably get to use this as a free period too.

6th Hour (PAINTING)
Please have students read the attached article on the Principles of Design (again, sorry to make you have to run something off- just 12 copies for this class, but use the same article for 7th hour yearbook). Have them take notes on the article and write and turn in 2 quiz questions based on the article. I should have all of their analysis papers except for Johnson- he may continue writing his paper instead of reading the article. There may be one or two others who may print their papers once they've finished the article/notes/quiz-questions.

7th Hour (YEARBOOK) 
Please have students read the attached article (same one as for 6th hr painting- just 12 more copies). Have them take notes on the article and write and turn in 2 quiz questions based on the article.

If they finish early, they may write headlines or captions for pictures in the yearbook on in the graphics lab. Christian and Danielle are Editors, they may spend the whole hour working on layouts.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

BV Civics Standards

  1. Global Connections of people, places, and environments.
  2. Political systems and the rights and responsibilities of citizens.
  3. Ways people live, behave, and interact.
  4. Time, Continuity, and Change.
  5. Ways people organize for distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

Nov.8 Venn Diagrams

  1. Adam Smith & John Locke
  2. Karl Marx & Thomas Hobbes
  3. Keynes & Rousseau
  4. Magna Carta & Declaration of Independence
  5. Jamestown & Plymouth
  6. John Locke & William Glasser
  7. The Tea Party movement & the Occupy Wall Street movement

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sub Lessons for last 2 hours Mon. Nov. 7

6th Period Painting- Students should continue working on their Formal Writing Assignments. Please bring 4 or 5 laptops to the Art room that some of them can use. There are 5 computers in the Yearbook lab that work. If they want/need to, James & Jordan may work in Mrs. Koenig's room.
7th Period Yearbook- I will run off the chapter pretest and have it on the island. After the pre-test they may either work on writing headlines and captions on on the 5 computers that work in the Graphics Lab, or they may (quietly) use the time as a study hall and do work for other classes. Christian and Danielle should work on layouts in the lab.