Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mallory Sub lessons Aug 29

  • Per 1&2 CIVICS Rm 203- 1) Answer the questions on the "Invisible Hand" handout, due at the end of the class period. 2) Complete the Supply & Demand & Chicken Farm handouts, due Thursday.
  • Per 3 DRAWING Rm 219-  Please collect the Ch.1 Study Guide which was due today. Today in class, students should 1) Complete and turn in the "Hemisphere Dominance Inventory." 2) Work on completing the Ch.2 Study Guide. This is open-book, it is not a quiz. They may collaborate so long as they do so quietly. This will be due tomorrow (Thurs 8/30). When they are finished they may free-draw in their sketchbooks.
  • Per 3  IND.STUD.- Jacen Cable, Carl Shumate & Kasey Brosamle will continue working on their drawings/painting.
  • Per 5 IND.STUD.- Emily Anderson will work in the YrBk lab on Dig.Photo notes, tests, pictures, or weekly photo analysis.
  • Per 5 MS Art 7th- DEAR time- silent, sustained reading 11:52-12:12, Continue working on Complimentary-Color Oil Pastel Self Portrait. Please have students clean up at at least 12:55pm.
  • Per 6 PAINTING- Continue working on Medieval Icon, Illuminated Manuscript page, or Almanac page paintings.
  • Per 7 MS Art 8th-  Continue working on Surrealist painting or answer section review questions 1-4 on page 267 which are due Thursday.
  • Per 8 YEARBOOK- (YR1) Students should read pp. 38-41 in their book and complete "Quiz 6:Coverage"- this is open-book, so its being used as a study guide not an actual quiz. If there is time, the entire staff may read and begin working on Activity 6.1, planning our ladder. They may want to use copies of previous yearbooks to help. (YB2) Robert Willis & Taylor Malone may work on my computer or in the YrBk lab entering ads, pre-orders, or tagging students in pictures in the image library on yearbookavenue.com
  • CHEER- (After School) I told cheerleaders that I won't be here for practice today. If some want to practice, please let them know that they may work together outside or at home on cheers/chants or jumps but they may not work on stunts/mounts without me there.
Thank You!

Ted Mallory
Boyer Valley Community Schools
Challenging all students to meet their full potential 
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School- 712-643-2258 Ext. 249
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

MS8- Surrealism

What we'll be doing this week in Eighth Grade Art and what's due when:

  • MON- Finish Surrealist Notes/Slide Show- Khalo & Dali
  • TUES & WED- Surrealist Painting (directions pp.262-263)
  • THURS- Lesson 3 American Art Today (pp.264-267)
  • DUE TUES 9/4: CYU questions 1-4 p.267

CIVICS; Chapter 18, Amer. Econ. System

Chapter Review Questions This & Next Weeks
  • 1-3 p.427 Due Thurs 8/30
  • 1-4 p.433 Due Fri 8/31
  • 1-3 p.23 Due Tues. 9/4
  • Chapter Post-Test will be Wed 9/5

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mr.Mallory's Internet Empire

Here are some links to internet resources for the classes I teach.



NOTES Taking Forms

I'm excited about these new notes forms I made up today. They should help kids keep track of things that we learn about in my classes.These are based on the Cornell notes taking system which is pretty renown for being very effective. I usually have chapter-specific notes outlines that I use in Civics, but highly motivated and college-bound or TAG students may want to try these as an alternative. Making them available might also be a useful option for when you're absent.


  • If you ordered a 2011-2012 yearbook, please pick it up from Mr. Mallory.
  • If you'd like a 2011-12 yearbook, but didn't pre-order one they are still available. They are $36 and you can get them from Mr.Mallory or any Yearbook staffer.

  • Order a 2012-13 before Christmas for $36, see a Yearbook staffer for an order form or order online at the school website www.boyer-valley.k12.ia.us
  • After January 1, 2013 the price goes up to $42. If you wait till next year they'll go up to $46
  • You must order before April 20 if you want your name on it or any other customization. 

  • Seniors, please get your Senior Portrait to Mr.Mallory by or before Thanksgiving. 
  • ANYONE can upload pictures to use in the yearbook. We want to include your shots of dances, classes, activities, clubs, and sports. Simply register for free at www.replayit.com then upload your pictures and see everyone else's!

Friday, August 17, 2012

CIVICS Aug 20-24

•Finish Basic Human Needs notes
•NCSS Survey
•NCSS 10 SocStud Themes & 5 Standards
•Basic Needs "Inventory"
•Needs/Rights Comparison

Basic Needs & Rights Essay, directions to come, probable due date Fri 8/24

Quiz over this week's notes Fri 8/25

YRBK Aug 20-24

Modules 1, 4 & 7
Brainstorm theme ideas
Begin selling ads & orders
Mtg w/ Jostens Rep, Colleen Tues 8/21
Vocabulary Quiz Fri 8/24

MS8 ART Aug 20-24

Chapt 17, Art of Today pp.257-273
Dadaism, Synectics & Automatic Drawing
Check your Understanding 1-5 p.261 due Wed 8/22

PAINT Aug 20-24

Art History; Paleolithic-Gothic
Cave/Finger Painting, Illuminated Manuscript/Family Heraldry
Notes Quiz Fri 8/24

MS7 ART Aug 20-24

4-Phase Self Portrait
based on 4 Art Uses

DRAW Aug 20-24

Read pp.X-9, complete study guides
Warm-up drawings in class
Line quality & character
Signature self-portrait


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reasons to take Yearbook

So you like writing? You're pretty good at it? Behrendt's, Johnson's, and McQueen's are some of your FAVORITE classes? Then why aren't you taking YEARBOOK, for crying out loud?! Captions and Headlines are important writing and we'd be happy to let you write more if you want to.

You say people call you a "Grammar NAZI?" You say you're always catching your TEACHERS' spelling mistakes? Please, let us help you channel your powers for good, rather than evil. Talk to Mr. Marlin about joining YEARBOOK.

GOT BULLDOG PRIDE? Prove it, take YEARBOOK and help record memories of school spirit. See Mr.Marlin before next Tues, Aug. 21.

Have you had (or are you now in) Business, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Marketing, or Sales & Merchandising with Hanigan? Then for God sakes, take YEARBOOK- apply your skills to a GREAT product. We need your mad schmoozing skills!

Did you take Digital Imaging (the Voice newspaper) with Mrs. Hanigan? Then why not take YEARBOOK? We need people who know their way around a layout.

Did you take Digital Photography? Why not take YEARBOOK! We need great photographers!

So you're a Senior and you think you want to use "early release" to leave 7th hour even though you don't have a job. Do you REALLY want to trust the Yearbook for YOUR SENIOR YEAR to a bunch of 9th-11th graders? Come on, do your part, step up and lead. And leave your mark.


Talk to Mr. Marlin about taking YEARBOOK this week. Mr.Mallory will be waiting.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Advertise in the BV Yearbook

Support Your Local Yearbook; Show Everyone How Important BV Students Are To You 
Placing an ad in the yearbook shows that you invest in preserving those memories and supporting our community.

At Boyer Valley, Students on the Yearbook Staff sell ads, sell pre-orders for books, take pictures,write captions, and design layouts. They do it all. It's an opportunity to gain a variety of vocational skills, from communication, interaction, and cooperation, to design and applying technology.
Advertising in the yearbook is investing directly in practical, real-word education and training for our youth.

It’s not just a matter of making money to cover our costs, it’s part of having school spirit, school pride, and a a sense of inclusion, identity and community. Let’s raise a purple tide of bulldog pride. Let’s start by making yearbooks a “given” again, a ubiquitous part of our school culture Maybe next we can bring back letterman jackets and pennants! Why not?

It all starts with you
Buying a yearbook ad is a permanent way of showing that your business is a part of kid's lives. Games, parades, pep rallies, concerts, dances, and banquets- Make sure people know that you were part of Bulldogs' year.

Click here to open/download a 2012-13Yearbook AD Contract

Click here if you're purchasing an ad for a nonprofit organization (NPO) at a discounted rate

Click here if you're a proud parent who'd like to recognize your Senior in this year's book

2012-2013 'Archive' Yearbook Community Sponsor/Business Advertising Prices
2-Page Ad - 16 in X 10 1/4 in $295.00Full Page - 8 in X 10 1/4 in $160.00
1/2 Page - 8 in X 5 1/4 in $120.00
1/4 Page - 4 in X 5 1/4 in $77.00
1/10 Page - business card size $55.00

If you'd like to receive a copy of the 2011-12 Yearbook with your ad in it, just add another $25, that's 30% off our usual order price! Please let us know on your Ad contract that you'd like an advertiser's copy. 

Donations without ads of any amount are always welcome too.
You can e-mail us your pre-made ad as a JPEG, TIFF or PDF, they can be full color or greyscale, they should be at 300ppi resolution if possible. Send them to malloryt@boyer-valley.k12.ia.us or ted.mallory@gmail.com
You can mail us your pre-made ad to our school office or send it with any yearbook staffer, or we will be glad to build an ad for you if you'd like.

Thank You for supporting the student-produced yearbook at Boyer Valley!

Make checks payable to "Boyer Valley Community Schools."
Please mark "Yearbook Ad" on the memo line.

Send your payment to:

Boyer Valley Community Schools
Attention: YEARBOOK
1102 Iowa Ave.
Dunlap, IA 51529

Deadline March 8, 2013

Order yours NOW

It Pays to Order Early
If you want to get it at the same low price of $36, you’ll have to order it before December 31, 2013. Order it between Jan 1 and April 20, 2013, and it will cost $42. Wait until August 2013, hoping to pick up a copy without ordering it, and they’ll run you $46.