Friday, May 21, 2010

Behind the scenes with SNL Photographer

Mary Ellen Matthews may have one of the coolest jobs in television. For over a decade now, the photographer has been providing those iconic images of the famous and infamous guest hosts of “Saturday Night Live!” TODAY’s Amy Robach has a profile.

Her style is a lot like Annie Lebowitz's when she worked for Rolling Stone magazine.

Photo Videos

Here are a couple of great video clips on historic photography:

The technology used by guys like Matthew Brady and Timothy O'Sullivan
Extreme Photography: Images of the Civil War. Video Clip (4:46) (2010). The History Channel website. Retrieved 9:59, May 21, 2010, from

The iconic images of Dorothea Lange
Migrant Mother Photo. Video Clip (3:06) (2010). The History Channel website. Retrieved 10:05, May 21, 2010, from

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mallory Sub Lessons

Sorry to bail on ya, but I just wasn't able to keep going on Dayquil and Vitamin B anymore

Mallory      Sub Lessons           Tues. 5/3/2010

1. Digital Photography
Students should use class time to go on line and take the Chapter 9 practice quiz. Then they may take pictures for their final portfolio or process/retouch them in Photoshop.

2. Drawing
Students should use the ENTIRE hour to finish their drawings. Cody McDonough, from Mrs. Pippett's 2nd hour Study Hall is their model. If/when they think they're absolutely finished (which they shouldn't ever be, but if they insist, then not before 9:50) then they may work on finishing their formal writing projects (which were due yesterday!), or they may select a new exercise from the choice-board drawings in the black metal magazine holder on the island.

4. 7th Grade art
Silent D.E.A.R. reading time 11:30-11:45am.
Students will continue working on their magazine/mosaic portraits which they began yesterday. They should be working all hour. Please have them clean-up (pick up all the paper scraps & put away the scissors & glue, beginning at 12:27) 

5. Painting
Students should begin working on their Georgia O'Keefe flower paintings. It's important that they clean their brushes and palattes thouroughly. They should know where the canvas panels are and where the acrylic paint is. They may wait to start the oil painting until tomorrow, unless they want to look for the oil paints (same place the acrylic is) and the paint thinner (which is under the East sink on the South wall). If they start with oil, they need to wear smocks and it's more important than ever to clean up.

6. Yearbook
Students should be working on pages on or use time wisely as a studyhall for other classes. Students with nothing else to do should: Check captions on pages for spelling Identify students in pictures in the image gallery, or by right-clicking and chosing "show in image gallery" pictures on layouts with exclamation points on them. Colton and Luke may go to Study Hall.
7. Drawing I
Independent Study student Melissa Hanigan may:
Work on her drawing of Dillon Malone in Deb Hanigan's classroom, or she may-
Select a new exercise from the choice-board drawings in the black metal magazine holder on the island.
Use time as a studyhall for another class