Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yearbook page assignments013 NHS randi

Yearbook page assignments
013 NHS randi
017. BV cares/talent search Sam
020 ms stuck Franklin
021 rock in prevention bob Willis
024-025 drill renea
026-027 band/choir chels
028 speech Dylan
030-031 cheer Sam
032-033 Bbb rob
034-035 Gbb Dylan
041 gnimocemoh Franklin

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Iowa History Quiz


The link above is to a copy of the list of questions that was on the board today (Fri 12/16). Remember, this is DUE, Tuesday, Dec. 20. Aren't you mad that I made you write them all down already?!

We will have some videos, articles, and puzzles to help you learn some of this stuff next week. Maybe we'll figure out a group project to do with Iowa history next month after Christmas vacation.

Good luck on your chapter 4 post-tests.

Ted Mallory
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

CIVICS: Chapt.4 Homework

Review Questions
  • 1-4 p. 105 due Wed. Dec.7
  • 1-4 p. 110 due Thurs Dec. 8
  • 5-6 p. 110 & 1-2 p.120 due Fri Dec. 9
  • 1-2 p. 40 & 1-2 p.111 due Tues Dec 13
  • 1-2 p.116 & 1-2 p.117 due Wed Dec 14
  • ID Terms 1-7 p.118 due Thurs Dec. 15

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

PHOTO CLASS; Final Stretch

Online test and shooting assignments DUE FRI DEC.9

Read over Chapt.9 http://digphoto.wikispaces.com/09+Seeing+Like+a+Camera

But also take into consideration, and try to take pictures that express meaning,
to help you figure out how, take a look at this

Otherwise, keep working on any make-up work, and your portfolios http://digphoto.wikispaces.com/Portfolios
between now and Dec.21 when we're done with the semester!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Homework this week

  • ID Terms 1-7 p.96 due Tues Nov. 29
  • Main Ideas 1,3,5,&7 p.96/97 due Wed. Nov. 30
  • Main Ideas 2, 4,6,&8 p.96/97 due Thurs. Dec. 1
Chapter 3 Post-Test Friday, Dec. 2
Have the Preamble memorized by then too!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Civics between now and Thanksgiving break

Chapter 2 RE-Test
Not many students earned B's or C's on the Chapter 2 Post-Test, there were mostly either A's or F's. So, I devised a re-test. Students with below 80's on the post-test who earn better on the re-test, will have their two grades averaged together. Students who "aced" the Ch.2 Post will receive extra-credit for their performance on the re-test.

Chapt. 2 RE-Test Students took this on Tues. Nov. 15, the same day they took the Ch. 3 PRE-Test.

Current Events

Chapter Test

Chapter 1 Notes
  • Ch.3 Section 1 Notes Outline
  • Ch.3 Section 2 Notes Outline
    Be sure to check the Class Wiki for links to these worksheets once they're uploaded
  • Ch.3 Section 3 Notes Outline
  • Ch.3 Section 4 Notes Outline

Review Questions
  • 1-4 p. 61 due Wed. Nov. 16
  • 1-3 p. 67 and 1-2 p.62 due Thur. Nov. 17
  • 1-4 p. 90 due Fri. Nov. 18
  • 1-4 p. 91 due Tues Nov. 22
  • 1-2 p.95 and 1-3 Analyzing Visuals p.97 due Wed Nov.23

Facing Forward: Portrait Drawing with Ease

See fig. 9-5 on pg. 166. Drawn on a mirror with an overhead marker, then traced onto paper.
See fig. 9-5 on pg. 166. Drawn on a mirror with an overhead marker, then traced onto paper.
Read Chapter 9, pp.162-191

  • Make you "test for yourself:" fig.9-1, 9-2, 9-3, 9-4 & 9-5
  • Read pp.167-172
Draw in your sketchbook:
  • "Drawing a blank to see better than ever" pp.168-169 (take a look at fig.10-24 on pg.212)
  • "Drawing another blank and getting a line on the profile" pp.173-177
    (be sure to look at Fig.9-12 on pg.170)
  • "A Warm Up Exercise" pp.178-180 (Sargent on p.179)
Profile of student (Crystal Deemer), 2006
Profile of student (Crystal Deemer), 2006
18x24 Newsprint with 2in margin
  • "Now, the real thing: A profile portrait of a person" pp.181-189

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mallory Sub Lessons Thurs Nov. 10

Good morning, thank you for taking my classes today, Annamarie ,age 6, has the flu ):

1st & 2nd  Hour (CIVICS)
1) Have students write down the 2nd Paragraph of the Declaration for memory & turn it in ("We hold these truths...")
2) Have students complete the notes-outline for section 4 (see attached, please make copies- just 18 because one of the two sections already have copies)
3) Study quietly for the chapter post-test tomorrow

3rd Hour (DRAWING)
Students should work silently on their drawings of the hallways. (Sorry, this requires you to circulate through the halls supervising them). Those who are finished should stay in the classroom and work on homework from other classes, read, or free-draw in their sketchbooks.

4th Hour (MS Art)
7th graders have study hall with Brad Brunning on Thursdays (Art is only M,W,F) so enjoy a free period.

5th Hour (IND STUD)
Painting student Makayla Carter will be working on a backdrop for the Drill Squad. Photography students only come on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, so you'll probably get to use this as a free period too.

6th Hour (PAINTING)
Please have students read the attached article on the Principles of Design (again, sorry to make you have to run something off- just 12 copies for this class, but use the same article for 7th hour yearbook). Have them take notes on the article and write and turn in 2 quiz questions based on the article. I should have all of their analysis papers except for Johnson- he may continue writing his paper instead of reading the article. There may be one or two others who may print their papers once they've finished the article/notes/quiz-questions.

7th Hour (YEARBOOK) 
Please have students read the attached article (same one as for 6th hr painting- just 12 more copies). Have them take notes on the article and write and turn in 2 quiz questions based on the article.

If they finish early, they may write headlines or captions for pictures in the yearbook on yearbookavenue.com in the graphics lab. Christian and Danielle are Editors, they may spend the whole hour working on layouts.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

BV Civics Standards

  1. Global Connections of people, places, and environments.
  2. Political systems and the rights and responsibilities of citizens.
  3. Ways people live, behave, and interact.
  4. Time, Continuity, and Change.
  5. Ways people organize for distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

Nov.8 Venn Diagrams

  1. Adam Smith & John Locke
  2. Karl Marx & Thomas Hobbes
  3. Keynes & Rousseau
  4. Magna Carta & Declaration of Independence
  5. Jamestown & Plymouth
  6. John Locke & William Glasser
  7. The Tea Party movement & the Occupy Wall Street movement

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sub Lessons for last 2 hours Mon. Nov. 7

6th Period Painting- Students should continue working on their Formal Writing Assignments. Please bring 4 or 5 laptops to the Art room that some of them can use. There are 5 computers in the Yearbook lab that work. If they want/need to, James & Jordan may work in Mrs. Koenig's room.
7th Period Yearbook- I will run off the chapter pretest and have it on the island. After the pre-test they may either work on writing headlines and captions on yearbookavenue.com on the 5 computers that work in the Graphics Lab, or they may (quietly) use the time as a study hall and do work for other classes. Christian and Danielle should work on layouts in the lab.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Civics: Writing Contest

Being an American Essay Contest

The Bill of Rights Institute is currently hosting an essay contest for high school students.

The contest asks students to write an essay (1000 words max) about the following question,
"how does the Constitution establish and maintain a culture of liberty?"

Cash prizes of up to $1000 will be awarded in five U.S. regions.
You can find the contest rules here. Entries are due by December 15.

Submit a copy of your essay to Mr. Mallory for Bonus Credit

Drawing: Hallways

  • Please read the directions on pp.152-155

  • Draw a hallway in the school on 18x24 newsprint. Use a basic unit and sight your angles

Sunday, October 30, 2011

CIVICS; Homework this week

1-4 p. 30 Due Wed 11/2
1-4 p. 34 Due Thurs 11/3
1-3 p. 39 Due Fri 11/4
1-3 p. 43 Due Tues 11/8
Reviewing Main Ideas 1,3,5, & 7 p.48 Wed 11/9

Thursday, October 27, 2011

CIVICS; Extra Credit
& Memorization Pieces

Paraphrase any of the following (for bonus credit):
  • The Oath of Allegiance made by immigrants being naturalized (pg.15)
  • The first 6 paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence (pg.44)
  • The Mayflower Compact
Memorize for Chapter 2 (Mandatory, not just for extra credit):
  • The 2nd paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, "We hold these truths..." 
Previous memorization pieces:
  • The Pledge of Allegiance
  • The Boyer Valley Fight Song
Future memorization pieces:
  • The Preamble to the Constitution (pg.68)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Civics; What should govt. do for young people in this recession?


How do you feel about the responsibility of the government towards the young people (18-25) regarding the economic and financial crisis?

Follow the link above to a web-discussion. It's only open for another 13 hours, so you need to read over it now- feel free to participate, I'll be impressed with you.

Read it, write about it, and I'll give you extra credit. 1) Summarize the discussion, 2) Offer your opinion and defend it well. Shoot for 150 words. (I'll take 75, I'm easy).

Photo; Composition

Take the Photo-Composition quiz online By or Before Friday October 4th, whenever you feel you're ready.

Composition Terminology

You may need to look some of these up on your own if you can't find them in our book, because this is a supplemental unit. Tryhttp://photonotes.org/dictionaryhttp://www.merriam-webster.comhttp://en.wikipedia.org or if all else fails, just try googling them. You may also pick-up some of these terms by reading the articles I've included links to on this page or by watching the videos I've embedded here.
  • Principles of Design; Click here for a good explanation of the principles.
    • Balance, Symmetry, Asymmetry
    • Emphasis/Dominance
    • Unity
    • Rhythm
    • Eye-Flow
    • Leading Lines
    • Variety
    • Proportion
    • Hot-Spots
    • Horizontal 1/3 & 2/3 lines
    • Vertical 1/3 & 2/3 lines
    • Golden Mean/Golden Section
  • Framing
  • Cropping
  • Placement
  • 3/3, 2/3, 1/3, Tight
  • Foreground, middle-ground, background
  • Walk-Around
  • Merging

Shooting Assignments

#10- Take some landscape or townscape pictures using the Rule-of-Thirds. Upload your 3 best to our Flickr group by or before October 4th. Actually, once you think you understand the Rule of Thirds, try taking almost all of your pictures from now on using the rule. Ideally it should become "second-nature" for you, so that you'll do it without even trying. Then, when you do deliberately break the rule, you're work will be even stronger. Click here to look through my 4-H Presentation for examples of how the Rule-of Thirds works, otherwise, be sure to watch the videos on the bottom of this page.

#11- Take some pictures using "Leading Lines." Click here to view some examples of leading lines from Flickr. Again, please upload 2 or 3 of them to our Flickr group by or before Friday October 4th.

#12- Shoot some subjects using framing. Make sure that you read pages 182-183 in our textbook (London/Stone) and take a look at Terry Eiler's photo at the old fiddler's convention (1978). Click here to view some examples of framing on Flikr.Upload your best 2-3 to our Flikr group by/before 
Friday October 4th.

#13- Point-of-View. Take some pictures from unusual angles. These may or may not end up being DOF, macro, or distorted perspective, and they don't have to follow the rule-of-thirds, but these should be from points of view that you don't usually use.Here are some examples of POV pictures on Flickr. As with all four of these assignments, you have about 2 weeks, to take them, please get them into our Flickr group by
Friday October 4th.
. Please feel free to get them there sooner! In fact, you may want to get each assignment uploaded as soon as you're done with them, instead of waiting until you have all 4 done.

Class Participation Grade

Every time you have a chance, go ahead and comment on the example pictures in the galleries (or on mine, if you want to) and more importantly, please leave comments on each other's pictures in the Group Pool. I give you credit every time you do, so if you're at all worried about your quiz grades, participating on Flickr can help raise your average.

Articles on Composition

Videos on the Rule of Thirds

Here's a video on how to compose with the Rule of Thirds from film makers

Articles on the Rule of Thirds

Drawing; Informal Perspective

  • Doorway; read directions on pp. 146-148
  • Corner of a room; pp. 149-150

    We will begin are large, week-long hallway drawings next week

Civics: Chapter 1

Chapter Test

Chapter 1 Notes

Review Questions
  • 1-5 p. 8 Due Fri 10/21
  • 1-3 p. 15 Due Tues 10/25
  • 1-3 p. 23 Due Thurs 10/27
  • Post-Test will be Thurs 10/27

Current Events

Your Family's History
  • Family Tree Worksheet (You can also use this for your autobiography project with Mrs. McQueen)
    If you're interested in genealogy and family trees, you may enjoy http://www.ancestry.com
  •  Family_Migration_Map.pdf
    Use your Family Tree to find out where your ancestors came from. Mark the cities/states they've lived in on the county, state and national maps. If you can find out from your parents or grandparents, trace where your ancestors immigrated from on the world map too.

    Just like on the Family Tree, try to complete it as thoroughly as you can, but don't worry if there are parts which you can't do. Some families may have lived in the same town/are for several generations. Some students may not be able to gather much information about anyone further back than their grandparents. But if you CAN find out more, do.

Things to think about this chapter

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mallory Sub Lessons Wed. Oct. 5

Thank you for taking my classes today so that we can take our daughter to medical appointments in Iowa City.

1:15pm Early Dismissal Schedule
1st  Hour (CIVICS)  8:30 – 8:57 
2nd Hour (CIVICS)  9:00 – 9:27 
3rd Hour (DRAWING) 9:30 – 9:57 
5th Hour (IND STUD) 10:00 – 10:27 
6th Hour (PAINTING) 10:30 – 10:57
7/8th Gr.Lunch: 11:00-11:20 
DEAR: 11:23-11:43   
4th Hour (MS ART) 11:46-12:30 
7th Hour (YEARBOOK) 12:33 – 1:15

1st & 2nd  Hour (CIVICS)
Chapter 19 Post Test (will be on desk) When students finish, they may take the Ch. 20 Pretest. The Post test is "open-note," they may use their notes, but not their returned homework assignments, not their books, and obviously not each other's notes or tests.) Second Hour has a seating chart on the lectern (try to keep Josh and Jeff apart).

3rd Hour (DRAWING)
Students should work silently on their drawings of the chairs set up around the room. If they think they are finished, they need to work on something else silently so that they do not disturb their classmates who are still working.

5th Hour (IND STUD)
Painting student Makayla Carter will be working on a backdrop for the Drill Squad or work on a watercolor "geo-scape."
If they come today, Photography students Katie Cogdill and Ally Kahl should work on notes, online quizzes, worksheets or uploading their pictures to Flickr in the graphics lab.

6th Hour (PAINTING)
Painting students should be completing one of the watercolor color theory charts which they began yesterday. Their paint, brushes and paper will be on the table in the Southwest corner of the room and examples will be on the board.
4th Hour (MS ART) 
First, students should read during DEAR: 11:23-11:43 
Half of them need to finish their 16 Square-Grid Value Self-Portraits. The others may do other homework QUIETLY, or they may free-draw- HOWEVER, whatever they draw should use shading and demonstrate that they can use values to make things seem like they are 3D.

7th Hour (YEARBOOK) 
Caption Writing Section Postest (will have on the island)
If they finish early, they may write captions for pictures in the yearbook on yearbookavenue.com in the graphics lab.

Ted Mallory
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mallory Sub Lessons, Mon. Oct 3

  • 5th Hr. Independent Study- I will try to touch base with Makayla Carter before I leave. She'll be working on a watercolor "geoscape."
  • 6th Hr. Painting- I will get an Art History video ready to go and write some questions/notes for them to take during the video on the board.
  • 7th Hr. Yearbook- Students should log on to yearbookavenue.com and may work in teams of 2 or three to write captions for pictures on the following pages; 05-06, 011, 012-013, and 014-015. Editor Christian Leisinger and Assistant Editor Danielle Jepsen may help students who need it, or may use the time as a study hall. Job number 00497, login names are last name, first initial ( example; "malloryt") and the password is "12dogs." Have students keep track of which captions they write, so that each caption can be graded.

Ted Mallory
Boyer Valley Community Schools
Challenging all students to meet their full potential 
Art | Yearbook | Cheerleading | Newsletter | Web Coordinator

School- 712-643-2258 Ext. 249
Cell- 712-269-5853


Thursday, September 22, 2011

All Boyer Valley Art Students

Mark your calendars for two Art Shows that 9-12 grade students should participate in next Spring.

  • Sioux City Art Center's 22nd Annual Juried Youth Art Exhibition February 18-April 8
    >Works must be delivered January 5-11
    >Details in Guidelines coming in November
    >Reception/Awards Sun. Feb, 19 1:30-3pm
  • Western Valley Conference Art Show Thursday March 22
    >Either Ida Grove or Odebot (TBA)
    >Up to 10 BV students  may attend 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mallory Sub Lessons Mon. 9/19

  1. Civics- Current Events Worksheet (I will put it on the desk in the Civics room Friday). Rhonda will leave newspapers. The front half has to do with news in general, the back half has to do with the unit we're studying. If they have trouble, ask them to do the best that they can and to use their Ch.18 notes to help them if they need to. If they can't answer the last question, they may leave it blank. These are due at the end of the class period, please collect them.
  2. Civics-
  3. Drawing & Seeing- Students will h ave begun their first major drawing on Friday which they will continue working on today (Monday) AND tomorrow (Tues 9/20). If they have any questions, they should re-read  pp. 105-110 in out book. Another option for some students would be to work on their copies of the St. Jerome drawing on p.82 in our book (this should be done upside-down). 

  4. MS Art- DEAR time (silent reading) 11:29-11:49 PLEASE HAVE STUDENTS READ, SILENTLY
    Students may make whatever they'd like to in clay today. I suggest animals of figurines, but so long as it's school-appropriate, anything goes. Wednesday we will learn a new construction method and Friday will be our last day with clay.
    Clean-up is important. Please have kids put tools and clay away and wash their hands beginning at 12:27 or 12:30
    Please make sure the lid is securely on the barrel.

  5. Independent Study- Makayla Carter will work on her latest painting. Katie Cogdill and Ally Kahl may come to work on digital photography in the Yearbook Computer Lab, but probably not since they have Weight Training Mondays.

  6. Painting-
    Elsa, Kameren, and Rodolfo (maybe Pat) will finish working on their complementary-color portraits. Everyone else should complete the Art History Worksheet (on the island). This is due at the end of the class period. They need to share books and return the books to where they got them when they're finished with them.

  7. Yearbook- 
    YrBk I students should work on the Photo II Reading Guide for pp.92-97 Due at the end of class (I will have it on the island). 
    YrBk II students (Christian & Danielle) please work on Football and Volleyball pages or tag pictures on yearbookavenue.com

Ted Mallory
Boyer Valley Community Schools
Challenging all students to meet their full potential 
Art | Yearbook | Cheerleading | Newsletter | Web Coordinator

School- 712-643-2258 Ext. 249
Cell- 712-269-5853

Drawing 9/12-9/16

If you missed class on Tuesday 9/13, please read & follow the directions on op.89-93 in our book.

Also draw into your sketchbooks,

  • A plant (from real life)

  • St.Jerome by Durer on pg.82 (do it upside down)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Civics; Hmwk this week

Q 2-4 p423 Due Tues 9/13
Q 1-4 p439 Due Thurs 9/15
Group Business Plans (p441) Due Thurs 9/15
Chap.18 Crossword Puzzle Due Fri 9/16

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bonus Credit option for Civics

BV Civics- how do you think 9/11 effected Economics? Technology? Change? Culture? Government? (our standards).

How did it effect people's 5 basic needs? Survival? Fun? Belonging/Love? Freedom? Power?

How was it a "watershed" in U.S. History?
How was it a "defining moment" for the decade?

Write about one of these 3 clusters of questions for bonus-credit. 50-500 words (you decide), due Tuesday 9/13.

Monday, August 22, 2011

YEARBOOK- Money Grade

archive-yrbk - Money Grade
Click on the link above to review the components of your "Money Grade" on our class Wiki.

Sell at least 20 ads of any sizeLast year, Business students sold 73 ads! Can we beat them?Let's make it our goal to sell 100!Full color ads to either a business, parent, or NPO

Sell at least 10 2011-12 Yearbook Pre-Orders
Still just $36, for the past 10 years!!!

Sell at least 8 "Old School" Yearbooks
2010-11, & 2009-10 Still just $36!!!2008-09 Down to only $30!
2007-08 Slashed to a mere $25!!! (Are we CRAZY?!?!)
2006-07, 2005-06 $25
1978-2005 $25 (While supplies last)

DRAWING; Pre-Instructional Drawings


  • Study Guide for Preface/Introduction to Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (DRSB).
  • Pre-Instructional Drawings (PID) of a chair
  • PID of a human figure
  • PID of someone else's face
  • PID of your own face

Painting Notes

Four Important Painting Terms-
  • Media: vehicle that carries pigment (color), such as linseed oil, acrylic, tempera, or watercolor
  • Genre: general classification for subject matters, such as landscape, portrait, still-life, etc.
  • Idiom: The "isms" in Art History, Impressionism, Expressionism. Modernism, Cubism, Surrealism, etc.
  • Exemplar: Artist or Painter used as an example of someone who painted in a given idiom. Claude Monet might be an exemplar for Impressionism, whereas Rene Magritte would be for Surrealism.

This Week In Photography

Katie & Ally will probably wind up dealing with some of these during class time Wed & Fri- but here's what I'm hoping you'll cover this week on your own. I know it LOOKS like a lot, but don't let it scare you. Most of it is pretty easy.

*Please take a look at the Wiki about your Portfolio,
These are pictures you'll be working on all year long anyway, but the final portfolio will be a major portion of your grade. No need to worry about having ALL of this done this week.

*Due each Friday: Each week I'd like you to find a picture to look at and comment on. You'll find links to great pictures and a worksheet to fill out, here: http://digphoto.wikispaces.com/Pictures+of+the+week

*Copy down the notes on the Slide Show you'll find on the following page: http://digphoto.wikispaces.com/00+History+of+Photography
NEXT WEEK, I will ask you to take an online quiz over these notes. (unless you're feeling ambitious and want to take it sooner, that's up to you)

*Sometime this week, please take a look at the video on this last page I'm giving you a link to: http://digphoto.wikispaces.com/photography+connects+us
Answer the questions about that video. These are also due this Friday.

*SHOOTING ASSIGNMENT- your first assignment is to shoot your own self portrait! This isn't due uploaded to Flickr until, Thurs Aug 1st. But please answer the question on this page:http://www.flickr.com/groups/bvdigphoto/discuss/72157625906988738/

WHO ARE YOU? You are the cheapest model you'll ever hire! Everybody's always taking pictures of themselves on facebook. Can you do it without having your arm in the picture? Could you use a mirror? How about the self-timer on you camera?  Take a series of pictures of yourself, but try to be original and creative and try to express something about yourself. 

Ted Mallory
Boyer Valley Community Schools
Challenging all students to meet their full potential Art | Yearbook | Cheerleading | Newsletter | Web Coordinator

School- 712-643-2258 Ext. 249
Cell- 712-269-5853

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Need BV Baseball pictures

Okay, so neither the Dunlap or Missouri Valley papers have gotten BV Baseball pics. If anyone in the area can get some, the BV Yearbook will appreciate it - how about a discount on your 2012 book? Also, anyone planning on taking Dig.Photo at BV nxt year- how about 10 bonus points applied to any one test or quiz score? Besides, you can probably get them published in the Dunlap & MoVal papers- not just the YrBk!

Friday, May 27, 2011

What IS Memorial Day Anyway?

Originally written published in the Charter Oak-Ute NEWSpaper Thursday, May 22, 2003

"Memorial Day...celebrates and solemnly reaffirms from year to year a national act of enthusiasm and faith. It embodies in the most impressive form our belief that to act with enthusiasm and faith is the condition of acting greatly"
~Oliver Wendell Holmes
From an address delivered for Memorial Day, May 30, 1884

Monday is Memorial Day, also known as Decoration Day, Ashes Day, not to be confused with Labor Day, it’s book end on the other side of summer or Veteran’s Day, it’s half-brother which was really intended for the living. Since World War I, it’s also been called Poppy Day, because volunteers sell small, red artificial flowers as a fund-raiser for disabled veterans.

Legend has it that throughout history, after major wars red poppies seem to pop up on battlefields and on soldiers graves. Poppy seeds lay dormant in the soil until it is violently turned or dug up, causing them to sprout.

After WWI in Flanders Field, Belgium. In the bomb craters and on mounds of rubble, poppies bloomed everywhere. The heavily churned earth and high concentration of lime from the limestone buildings made the perfect catalyst for the poppies to grow.

Some thought that the red poppies looked spilled blood. British mothers wore poppies in remembrance of their lost sons. The poppy has since become a symbol of peace and of remembering the sacrifice of the fallen soldier.

Memorial Day may have began in 1868, when Civil War General John A. Logan, commander-in-chief of the Grand Army of the Republic, a Union veterans’ organization, said that May 30th should be special day to decorate the graves of Union soldiers.

He may have chose May 30th on the suggestion of a Franco-American veteran, who noted that May 30th was "The Day of Ashes" in France-the day that Napoleon's remains were returned to France in 1840 from his exile to the island of St. Helena 1200 miles off Africa. What Napoleon’s ashes have to do with Union veterans, I have no idea.

Northern states celebrate Memorial Day on the last Monday in May. This became a federal holiday in 1971. In the deep South, Memorial Day celebrations honor Confederate soldiers who died in "the war between the states." Mississippi and Alabama celebrate Confederate Memorial Day on the last Monday in April. In Florida and Georgia, the date is April 26. May 10 is Memorial Day in North and South Carolina, and the holiday is June 3 in Kentucky, Louisiana, and Tennessee. Texas observes Confederate Heroes Day on January 19 (Robert E. Lee's birthday).

The first large observance was held in 1868 at Arlington National Cemetery, across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C. The cemetery already held the remains of 20,000 Union dead and several hundred Confederate dead. After speeches, children from the Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphan Home and members of the GAR made their way through the cemetery, strewing flowers on both Union and Confederate graves, reciting prayers and singing hymns.

Many Americans don’t know is that how Arlington came to be our national cemetery. Arlington was the home of Gen. Robert E. Lee. Perhaps to send his family a message, Union sympathizers piled the remains of Confederate dead at his doorstep. You can imagine the stench.

Unfortunately the significance of this holiday is sometimes forgotten, buried in ads, sales, barbecues and water sports. It’s easy to see Memorial Day as just another day off. It certainly has a sweetness as the gateway to summer and a time for friends and families to gather.

But especially with two wars just in the last two years, I think we need to remember it for what it was intended, a day of mourning, and prayer for and gratitude to the men and women who lost their lives in the line of duty and their families.

Buy a poppy to support Veterans’ charities, pray for the widowed and orphaned families of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, and thank God for your freedoms.

"Soldier, rest! Thy warfare o'er,
Sleep the sleep that knows not breaking,
Dream of battled fields no more.
Days of danger, nights of waking."
~Sir Walter Scott

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mallory Sub Lessons May 23

Thank you for covering my classes today. It's my turn to take our daughter to an appointment in Sioux City. The doctor wants to go over her test results with a parent.
  1. I'll be here all morning, but I need to leave right at noon.

  2. MS Art- I will start a movie for the 7th graders, they should also sort through their works to either take home, throw away, or leave for me to use as examples in the future. 
  3. Yearbook -
    Ashley & Taylor, please work on the following pages on yearbookavenue.com:
    • Play page 075
    Otherwise students may study for any other finals they may have, since we had our already and there's only one page left!
  4. Drawing II-  
    Final Self Portraits are due at the end of the class period today!
    Other Make-Up Work students may work on-
    • Formal Writing Project- William
    • Gustave Courbet- William
    • Oil Pastel-  William
    • Colored Pencil- William
    • 5 Choice Menu Book Exercises
    • 5 Sketchbook Drawings
    • Flower or Plant (12x18)
    • Illustrate a poem or song (12x18)
  5. Planning period- have a great afternoon!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2011-12 Picture-a-Day

Hey Photographers- next year we're going to try something pretty ambitious for Yearbook. We're going to try to have a feature photo to chronicle each and every day! The top 2/3 will have group pictures and candids of teams and groups like any other yearbook, but the bottom 1/3 will have a little 5-day calendar with slots for pictures. 

There's no way I can pull this off alone. So, make plans on keeping a "photo-journal" every week. This should help us get pages done week by week, and it will help us try to get every hs student in the yearbook 3 times. We can use these pictures on the school website AND for Photography assignments if you're taking that class.

Also: We really want to have Baseball & Softball pictures in the 2011-12 yearbook, so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE try to take some and be sure to email them to me as soon as you do! Othber shots you might want to try for that we can use in yearbook and Photo class (maybe even website) are 4th of July in Dunlap or Dow City,  4H and the 4 County Fair, again, email them to me or upload them to Flickr as soon as you get them and we'll go from there. THANKS!!!