Monday, May 13, 2013

Mr. Mallory's Sub Lessons for Monday, May 13

Periods 1-2 CIVICS- Gone to Des Moines

Period 3 DIG PHOTOGRAPHY- Group Analysis; I will have packets and group assignments on my counter for you. 
  1. Have students read the "Analyzing Photographs" hand out and discuss it quietly in their groups. 
  2. Once they've read the worksheet, they should examine the image they are analyzing closely, discuss it, 
  3. Then, (using the Elements and Principles worksheets) each group should write a one page description (75-250 words) of the subject and sensory elements. 
  4. Each group should ALSO write a one page (75-250 word) ANALYSIS of the image's design & composition.
These should be done by or before class on Wednesday. Wednesday, students will be given additional handouts to help them discuss & write reflective interpretations and technical assessments of their images. Each group will use these 4 documents to teach the rest of the class about their images & photographers on Thursday and Friday.

Please remind them that the post-test will be tomorrow (Tuesday May 14).

Period 4 Planning Period

Period 5- 7th GRADE ART-  11:52-12:12 is DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read)
Show students the Biography (VHS) video on Vincent Van Gogh (on counter), have them write down for themselves what they think are three most interesting or most important things about Van Gogh's life, his art, and his influence on future artists.

Period 6- CERAMICS- Students should take their Ceramics Final (post-test). They ARE allowed to use their notes, however they should sit apart from one another and not be allowed to talk. When they're finished, have them place them in the yellow pan on the counter. When they're finished, they should remain silent and may glaze, read, write, or do homework for other classes.

Period 7- 8th GRADE ART Guess What? Still Gone to Des Moines

Period 8- YEARBOOK- Please give the post-test Study Guides that I'll leave on the counter to Kary and Shelby and let them know that their "final" will be on Thursday (May 16). 
Other students should be working on finishing their pages!

Capitol/Des Moines Trip

8th Grade Field Trip 2013

On Monday, May 13, 2013 the 8th grade class will be taking a field trip to Des Moines. Our bus will be leaving as soon as the Dow City busses arrive at school around 8:20AM. Students who walk or get a ride to school should be sure to get to school at this time.

Our first stop will be to the State Capitol judged by many to be the most be one of the most beautiful state capitals in the nation. We have an 11:15AM tour planned which will take approximately seventy-five minutes. We then proceed to the Iowa Hall or Pride located near the Wells Fargo Arena and Veterans Auditorium. There we are schedules for a ninety minute tour beginning at 1:00PM.

Since our time is limited, I’m asking that everyone bring a sack lunch and plenty of snacks for the bus ride. If you want the school to provide a sack lunch, please let them know a few days ahead of time so that we can be prepared. We plan to eat our lunch at the West lawn of the State Capital.

We will not be back to Dunlap before the busses leave. We expect to arrive around 4:45-5:00PM. Students who live in and around Dow City will be dropped off at Dow City on our way back to Dunlap.

      Thank You,
     Mr. Mallory
     8th Grade Civics