Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Big 3

Eighth graders, how can I get you to remember these? The 3 principles of democracy found in the Declaration of Independence. Know them, live them, BE them.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Adopt Our Art Room

Art students often wish we had more money for more (or better) art supplies & resources. Here's a way we can reach out for help. provides a way for people to help our Art program! Please look it over and consider how you can help. Please also pass this along to anyone you think would be willing and able to make a donation! Thank You.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Take It Outside Art Contest

Sponsored by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources invites you to enroll your class in our third annual “Take It Outside” Art Contest — win prizes that will get you and your students involved in outdoor activities.

This year's art contest will focus on natural places — from prairies and forests to lakes and streams. Natural places can be public — like national wildlife refuges; state, county and city parks and recreation areas; school grounds. They can be smaller and private — backyards, vacant lots. Regardless of size or location, special places connect us to the outdoors. Where is your favorite place to "take it outside?" How do you enjoy your special natural area? Do you hike? Fish? Paddle? Turn over logs? Stare at the sky?

Students are encouraged to use their artistic skills to create an image that shows them "Taking it Outside" in their favorite natural place (prairie, timber, pond, lake, stream, river, marsh - even their backyard or vacant lot). Be sure they show what makes the place special for them.

For complete details, check out the Contest Rules.

Winning entries will receive prizes and be used for upcoming promotions and displayed at the DNR building during the Iowa State Fair. Participating schools will be entered into a drawing to receive a grant (total of 4 grants awarded) for a natural resources-based recreation experience at a local outdoor recreation area.

Register Your Class
Fill out and submit our electronic teacher registration form by February 1.

Judging Categories
  • Category I – Kindergarten-Grade 2 (hand-drawn)
  • Category II – Grades 3-5 (hand-drawn)
  • Category III – Grades 6-8 (hand-drawn)
  • Category IV – Grades 9-12 (hand-drawn)
Entry Requirements
· All entries must include completed student entry form.
· All artwork must be original, hand-drawn work.
· Photographs or computer-generated artwork will not be accepted.
· Acceptable media are paint, pencil, markers, ink, crayon, and chalk or pastel.
· Drawing must be created on an 8 ½ x 11 single sheet of white paper.
· Do not mat, mount, laminate, frame or fold artwork.

Entry Deadline
All entries must be postmarked by March 1, 2014. Late entries will not be considered.

If you have any questions about the Contest, contact the Aquatic Education Program
at 641/747-2200 or by email

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Art Shows

Like art? Like the Loess Hills? Visit the Cultural Center in Moorhead Iowa and enjoy their "Celebrate the Hills" art exhibit between now and October 28th. Bring your parents & friends.

This show includes oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings by local artists. This year's is one of the biggest shows they've had in years. The participants have captured the spirit of the hills and depict natural landscapes at all times of year.

Start painting, because they have plans to add a youth category next year, so that you'll be able to enter your own artworks in the exhibit.

In the Spring, the Center features a Prose, Poetry & Photography Competition. They'd love to have you visit, and to participate!

Last Spring, Boyer Valley English teacher Kris Johnson helped judge the poetry & photography show and last month, BV Art teacher Ted Mallory adjudicated the 2013 art show. See what he considered prize worthy and cast your own vote for the "people's choice awards."

To learn more about the Moorhead Cultural Center, or to find out how to participate in the upcoming Poetry & Photography show, or next year's Celebrate the Loess Hills art show, call Carolyn Archer at (712) 886-5415 or Phyllis Easton at (712) 886-5114

Monday, October 7, 2013

YRBK STAFF; YB Cover Photo Assignment

Between now and Monday, Oct 14-

Please take the best, most creative, most expressive, most well-composed pictures you can of the following subjects:
1. The town of Dunlap
2. The Boyer Valley school building
3. The countryside around Dunlap or Dow City

You can upload them to or, or email it directly to me
I will put all the entries in a folder on yearbookavenue in our image library and we will discuss & decide together next week, which one(s) will be used on the cover of the 2013-14 Archive. The rest will be able to be used on the inside of the book, maybe as backgrounds or the endsheets, and/or on the school website.

You get credit for submitting pictures, the person who takes the picture we use will also get extra-credit.

Get shooting!

PS- Don't forget to try to sell at least one book per day this week, National Yearbook Week! And don't forget to order your own!

PPS- Don't forget to keep trying to sell ads too!