Monday, October 27, 2014


  • First Period- in case you didn't see it on the board- there is an assignment due tomorrow
    1-2 p.94 & 1-2 p.95
  • Please turn in your Civics Binders before the end of the day- Thank You

DRAWING: Hallway Perspective Drawing

"Real" Perspective Drawing- Read the directions in DRSB pp.152-155, on 18x24 newsprint pad, draw a realistic drawing of one of our school's hallways. This is a test to evaluate how well you're able to apply "sighting skills." Use a viewfinder, use a basic unit, have a 2" margin all the way around the page to represent the "format" of your plastic picture plane/picture frame viewfinder, lightly tone your page with graphite, be sure to use negative-space. Tentative Due Date: End of class Thursday 10/30 (but if needed, we may use Monday &/or Tuesday of next week too)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

DRAWING- Perspective Practice

Read pp 146-151 in DRSB, then in your sketchbook, complete the following two drawings, be sure to use "sighting" to help you accurately gage angles and distances. Use a viewfinder, and draw within a format.
Due by end of class on Friday, Oct 24.

1) Draw a doorway from at least 10-15 ft away

2) Draw a corner of a room where the ceiling and two walls come together

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DRAWING: Sketchbook assignment for TUES-WED, Oct 21-22, 2014

Read pp.142-145 in DRSB. Using your picture-plane viewfinder (as a sort of "Durer's Device), draw a format in your sketchbook, and draw a foreshortened view down your leg, like the one on the lower left corner of page 144.

DRAWING- Sketchbook Assignment MON Oct 20, 2014

Read pages 140-141 in 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain." Experiment with sighting through a paper tube as shown in Figure 8-1 on p.140. Use a pencil to help you "sight" the angles of a table, as in figures 8-4 through 8-7 on page 141. Draw a table in your sketchbook, using this sighing method.