Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What you should be doing

Dig Photo April 2014

This Week (Apr 22-25)
  • Adjust/Edit an image in Photoshop (upload to Flickr, labeled as “PS Adjustment”)
  • Create a surreal “composite” image in Photoshop, using layers (upload to Flickr, labeled as “PS Composite”)

  • Adjust/Edit an image on Flickr using Aviary (re-label as “Fixed in Aviary”)
  • No less than 3 comments on classmates pictures in class group on Flickr; 1 using 4-Art Criticism Steps, 2 using PQP (Please send me a message on Flickr, telling me which pictures you commented on)

  • Shoot & Upload pictures for PORTFOLIO
  • Create a set on Flickr labeled “Portfolio,” place pictures in it
See http://digphoto.wikispaces.com/Portfolios for list of required photos