Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2nd Quarter Sketchbooks Due!

In case you're missing something, here's what should be in it from 2nd Quarter:
  • Perspective Knee- Nov. 1
  • Doorway from 10 ft away- Nov. 5
  • Corner of a room from 10 ft away- Nov. 6
  • Distorted Perspective Hand- Nov. 26
  • 4 sketches of eyes- Dec. 3
  • 4 sketches of noses- Dec. 4
  • 5 sketches of mouths- Dec 5
  • 4 sketches of ears- Dec. 6
  • Portrait (front-view) of Classmate- Dec. 7
  • Copy of Sargent's Profile of a woman (pg.179 in book)- Dec. 11
  • Profile of Classmate- Dec. 13
If you are unable to find your sketchbook, unable to bring it by tomorrow, or missing most or all of these assignments, please let me know and I'll enter an incomplete on JMC and give you the opportunity to complete these drawings by the end of January.

Monday, December 17, 2012

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Friday, December 14, 2012

8th Grade Art HMWK

DUE Monday, December 17- Review Questions 1-5 on page 229!
Don't Forget! (But have a great weekend too).
Please bring your books to class on Monday for the direction for the painting we'll work on Mon-Wed next week. Thanks.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


  • Due Tues Dec.11- 
    • Activity 11.1
    • Activity 11.2
  • Due Friday Dec. 14-
    • Typeface & Headline Scavenger Hunts
  • Friday Dec. 14- Quiz over Headline Writing (Module 11)
  • Post Test for YB I- Tues Dec.18


  • Post-Test WED, Dec. 19
  • Due By/Before Wed. Dec.19- 
    • Create Three impressionist (or post-impressionist) paintings, using any of the following subjects, media, or techniques:
      Still Life
      Oil Pastels
      Broken Color
      Diffuse Reflection

  • Due By/Before Wed. Dec.12-
    • Finish/Improve Pointillist Marker Drawing


  • 18x24 Final Self Portraits Due beginning of class Thursday Dec. 20
  • Written Final (aka Post-Test) Monday Dec. 17
  • Sketchbooks due Thursday, Dec.13
    • "A Warm Up Exercise" pp.178-180 (Sargent on p.179)
    • Profile of a classmate- "Drawing another blank and getting a line on the profile" pp.173-177 (be sure to look at Fig.9-12 on pg.170)
    • Portrait of a classmate- (was due Dec.7)
    • Practice Features (was due Dec.6):
      • 4 eyes
      • 4 noses
      • 5 mouths
      • 4 ears 
Remember- those of you planning on taking Digital Photography, please register for an account on Flickr.com asap.


  • Wed 12/12 1-4 p. 105 
  • Thurs 12/13 1-4 p. 110 
  • Fri 12/14  5-6 p. 110 & 1-2 p.120
  • Mon 12/17 1-2 p. 40 & 1-2 p.116

Friday, December 7, 2012


In 250 words or less, explain what Iowa's official state motto means to you. Consider tying it to what we've learned about this semester in Civics.

"Our Liberties we Prize, Our Rights we will Maintain."

You're welcome to email your essays to Mr. Mallory  or share them on google docs if you'd like to write on the computer instead of on paper. Bring your essays to class and be prepared to share them Monday. Bring your books too, because we'll be starting chapter 4 on the Bill of Rights. 

  • Monday, December 10 (1948) International Human Rights Day
  • Friday, December 28 (1846) Iowa Statehood Day

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Face the Face

Drawing & Seeing Class has been learning about portraiture. Every day after taking notes on general guidelines for placement and proportion of facial features, I assign students to draw several features in their sketchbooks- Last Thursday were four eyes, Monday was four noses, five mouths yesterday, and four ears today. These are from my own sketchbook, which I used a mirror for.

8th Grade ART; American Gothic

After studying about Iowa artist Grant Wood, 8th Graders are creating their own parodies of Wood's 'American Gothic.' Above is mine. This was the cross-curriculum perfect storm. In Civics we are wrapping up our unit on Iowa History and in Art we just learned about the Social Realists and Regionalists.